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Tips to crack Physics board exam!


Tips to crack Physics board exam!

By Admin 18th Feb, 2014 03:59 pm
All round preparation for exam is very important. You not only need to be thorough with the assigned syllabus but also have the confidence and be in a sound state of mental and physical health to crack any examination. Here are some very useful tips to do well in Physics Exam. These tips have been directly given by the Topper Physics experts.

Tips to do great in Physics exam

- Be thorough with NCERT text book.

- Prepare/plan the answers for direct theory portions, derivations so that no time is lost in planning the content while writing the exam.

- Derivations should contain a sentence or two of intro, a diagram [if any], clear mathematical steps and final result.

- Make a chapter-wise list of formulae appearing in them. This is useful for problem solving. Work out the solved examples from NCERT text book.

- Prepare definitions of main physical quantities appearing in a chapter, along with their units.

- After completing any chapter, go through different types of conceptual, application oriented questions that can be asked from it from previous years' board papers, sample papers etc.

- Write at least one paper after thorough preparation-under examination conditions i.e. for continuous 3 hours, without using calculator and sticking to the time limit.

- Stay relaxed and enjoy the preparation.

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