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Tips to Avoid Getting Nervous

Nervousness is something that could accompany us while we face difficult situations. Whenever we are about to do something new, we could get nervous. Stage fright, meeting someone important, public speaking and exams, all seem to make us nervous. So, what can we do to avoid those butterflies in our stomach? Read on to calm your nerves...

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Calm Down – Whenever you are nervous, try to calm down. There are various techniques to do so. You can try deep breathing techniques to relax. Breathing exercises and mediation can actually help you feel more confident and less of a bundle of nerves.

Write Down your Thoughts – When we are nervous, we get many thoughts that are negative and not good for us. Try and write down these thoughts and analyse them. Question yourself. Are these  thoughts worth your mental stress and nervousness? Negative thoughts are not worth stressing over. So, it’s better for you to drive them away.

Drink Water – Drinking water may not be an instant solution, but it can automatically calm you down and make you feel better. Calm your nervous system by drinking lots of water. However, do drink plenty of water even when you are not nervous!

Listen to Music – Listening to good, soothing music can do wonders to help you calm down.

Talk to a Good Friend – We all have a friend who listens to our problems and encourages us to face them. It is always advisable to vent out whatever you have in your mind to this trusted friend in order to feel better. Your mom and dad could also be this good friend.

Adequate Sleep – Because of nervousness and stress, we do not get adequate sleep. Try getting adequate sleep; this will definitely make you feel better.


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