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This Teacher’s Day Be a Better Student

Teacher’s Day is nearing and you must be thinking of gift ideas for your teacher, right? How about gifting him/her what he/she really wants? Materialistic gifts will definitely make your teacher happy but the magic of those gifts is short-lived and fades with time. Be a better student and it will be one of the best gifts that your teacher desires. It is very important and difficult at the same time to find a permanent place in your teacher’s heart. However, if you manage to achieve that nothing is more valuable!


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So, this Teacher’s Day, try to be a student that your teacher always wanted you to be. Show her that you care for her the way she cares for you. Regardless of how good or bad our teachers have been, we always remember them for valuable things they taught us. But what if your teachers remember you? Yes! The best feeling is when you bump into your ex-teacher and she remembers you and your name! And let me tell you, teachers only remember their special students. So, why not be that special student for your favourite teacher!


With time, the student–teacher relationship has undergone a lot of change. It’s sad, but gone are those days when Arjun was ready to cut his thumb and gift it to his teacher. Today, the student–teacher relationship has become more formal, with teachers losing their value to an extent. Probably, students have forgotten the actual value of teachers. Repeatedly, teachers are judged for being strict and harsh with students, but not many of us see the love behind their strictness. This Teacher’s Day, let’s return the respect they deserve.


Teachers are held higher than God for a reason! They try to mould us from being an innocent and vulnerable child to a fully developed and intelligent person. In fact, your ability to read this article successfully is undoubtedly your teacher’s gift to you!


So try and inculcate the values that your teachers have taught you, and believe me, nothing can be a better gift for your teacher!


Pratibha Yadav

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