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The Other Side of a Teacher


The Other Side of a Teacher

Why Teachers Day is full of surprises even for a student?

By Admin 03rd Sep, 2014 01:33 pm

As a student when you walk into your classroom on Teacher’s Day, it’s like no other day in the academic year. On that day, you don’t carry any books or the baggage of any pending work to your class. This is a day when you have fun. For a refreshing change, your teachers don’t stop you from your mischief.

This special day brings out the easy-going side of your teacher’s personality. Yes, you’ll always be left surprised with their unique sense of dressing for the day, leaving you either in admiration or in bouts of laughter.  Above all, the teacher takes it all in a good sense. They give you the permission to be your mischievous self.


It is a day of surprises not only for the teachers but also for the students. Imagine you see your teacher in a sombre mood in a saree wearing no smile every day. Suddenly, you see her in a bright top and jeans dancing with the rest of the students with music blaring in the classroom. Yes, that isn’t impossible, but at the end of the day, you are left more surprised than the surprise you all collectively planned for her.


This is also a day when your teachers are overtly emotional – saying all good things which you’d have loved to hear. You get to know about their hidden talents. On one occasion, we got to know that our history teacher was a great poet. In a couple of poems, she made the entire class laugh uncontrollably as well as moved us to tears.


There was another time when our class teacher walked in, much to our surprise, wearing a hat and carrying a guitar. He sang for us, and we didn’t know until then that he was a great singer. After that Teacher’s Day, the whole school looked forward to his singing, some even flocking to the class where he was the class teacher in the years which followed.


Another moment of surprise was when our Class 10 teacher started dancing with us to the steps of Bunty Aur Babli. She was in her late 50s, but she was the one who lit up the dance floor in our classroom that year.


Teachers may be disciplinarians, much to your dislike, and you may not like their preferential treatments. However, on Teacher’s Day, you get to see how much they value you.


In the long run, there exists no such thing as being in the bad books of a teacher. A teacher always expects the best. When a student turns out to be successful in life, a teacher feels equally proud, no matter how naughty or brilliant you were in class.


Thus, Teacher’s Day allows you not only to express your gratitude and affection but also to discover the other side of your teachers. You’ll discover that a teacher is an epitome of sincere love and care!


-Sayan Ganguly

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