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The Cheat Sheet to help your Last Minute Chemistry Revision


The Cheat Sheet to help your Last Minute Chemistry Revision

These tips will help you strategise your last minute chemistry revision tactics.

By Snehal Naik 20th Feb, 2017 04:24 pm

You are not the only one who is on the verge of losing their sanity over last minute revision stress. There are two reasons why you are reading this post: Either you have not yet touched upon the revision part of your studies or you have been revising and want to know if you are on the right way.

For those who belong to the first group, we don’t encourage keeping revision untouched until the last moment. There are enough things giving us creeps as teens, and putting studies also in that ‘quadrant of panic’ is really not a wise thing to do. Revision refers to regular touch ups to your studies. But assuming that you failed to revise because of whatever the reasons are, we hope you know how badly you are in need of a smart plan to help you cruise safely through the exams. And we have it here just for you.

Wake up Early

Be an early bird because it is now or never. Define every minute from the point you wake up because you don’t want to have a night-out with a never-ending pile of equations and definitions, do you? Rising early will allow you to relax for some time in the day and will help you plan your revision sans the panic mode going off every now and then.

Put Distractions Away NOW

Last minute revision will not turn out as you want it to be you if keep fidgeting with stuff that is not related to the Chemistry paper (or any exam for that matter). So be strong and get rid of everything that is bound to distract you during your marathon revision session. TV, mobiles phone, gaming consoles, and everything else that distracts you should be buried in the closet at the moment. Believe me, there will always be time for being distracted without being guilty.

Re-read the Material

Take all the important material for your Chemistry exam. Now use highlighter pens and coloured pencils to mark out important points as you quickly glance through the syllabus. Remember you have to do speed browsing and stop only for highlighting. Repetition of content should be necessary only in case of doubts. If you can watch online video lessons, your revision will be much more effective. In addition, create flash cards of important formulae and concepts and revise these wherever you go.

Solve Papers

Go through past year papers and sample papers to review possible important questions. Solve the ones that you feel are important to gain confidence over the subject matter. More importantly, it will help you plan how you can score maximum marks according to the paper pattern.

Practise Balancing Equations

Avoid losing marks because of silly errors while balancing chemical equations and problems. Show the calculation if you can in a rough section. Solving at least 1 sample question based on the numerical topics will let you know where you are going wrong and allow you to improve.

NCERT is your Bible

Revise each and every topic from your NCERT book and don’t revise a topic more than thrice. Remember we have to facilitate last minute revision in an effective manner.

Time is of the Essence

You don’t have all the time in the world to leisurely ponder upon the Chemistry syllabus when the clock is ticking. So time yourself for each chapter, section, paper, and problem that you solve.

Remember to Relax

Okay, you can choose one of the things that distract you and take some time off to refresh yourself. Play a timed game for ten minutes, watch your favourite episode, listen to refreshing music or just take a power nap. But remember to set limits or you will wander about the house aimlessly for the rest of the day.

For those who have been revising regularly, we hope you are on the right track. So study, revise, relax, and repeat. Keep calm and revise your Chemistry well. Good luck! 

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