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Solving the CBSE Class 9 Mathematics paper with ease

Doing well in your Maths paper is easy with study, practice and resolving all your doubts in time

By Admin 27th Feb, 2018 05:09 pm

Mathematics has always been a subject which most students find difficult. Even today, the use of a calculator is not permitted. You need not be like most students and you can easily get through the paper without a calculator. Read on to know how your fear can be put to rest. 

As a subject largely based on numericals and theorems, it is important that you simply solve these correctly. Mathematics can help you secure a high percentage in the exams unlike theoretical subjects where despite writing correct answers, you cannot get full marks.

CBSE Class 9 Maths is broadly classified into 6 titles, each further sub-divided into chapters, topics and sub-topics. To prepare well for the Maths exam, CBSE students require to keep the following in mind:


  •   Weightage of chapters
  •   Important topics with respect to exams
  •   Preparation tips to score 90+
  •   Sample papers 


Weightage of chapters, important questions and topics

Mathematics is broadly classified into the following titles:

  • Number System
  • Algebra
  • Co-ordinate Geometry
  • Geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Statistics and Probability

Each title is further divided into chapters, but there is no specific weightage allocated to them individually by CBSE.


Important topics with respect to exams

Actually all the topics are important if you aim to score 90+ in the exams, but few of them are critical and performance in these topics will make or break your chances.

  1. Number system: Number system alone holds 8 marks, highest among all topics. It forms the basics of Mathematics, so a good grasp on its concepts is a must.
  2. Polynomials: Polynomials are essential because they create a solid platform for quadratic equations which is an important topic. Also, you gain an understanding of factorisation.
  3. Linear equations in two variables: This is an important chapter with respect to dealing with word problems and understanding the concept of variables and how to solve them.
  4. Triangles: Congruence tests, sum of angles property and inequalities are always important not only for Classes 9 and 10 but for higher classes also.
  5. Circles: Another important topic from geometry is Circles. It lays the foundation for conics in Class 10 and in higher classes.
  6. Mensuration: Mensuration is the topic covering areas and volumes of different shapes. They are important since their formulae are used frequently in solving many complex examples.
  7. Statistics and Probability: This chapter is closely related to real world problem solving and understanding. These topics not only carry high marks in the exams but also are important topics in higher classes.

Preparation tips to score 90+

There is no shortcut to scoring high marks in the exams. The only way is to study and practise, but keep these points in mind while studying and writing exams.

i)  Always practise Math problems. By practise we mean take a pen and paper and solve Math problems. Many students study Maths like they study theory subjects, i.e. they read and memorise. This is a wrong approach because you will surely forget the steps when you write the paper.

ii)  Maintain a formula book to write formulae chapter wise. This will save time during revision.

iii)  Solve as many papers you can and that too in a time-bound fashion. This will help you to manage your time during the exams.

iv)  Ask more doubts. Doubts can be small, big, topic related or exam related. Asking doubts can clear your concepts and make you feel confident. You can ask your doubts on our platform where we will always be ready to answer your queries. Click here to post your question right now!

v)  Solve textbook questions at least thrice, because most questions are asked directly from the textbook.

vi)  Also practise the solved examples. These too are essential and students often do not solve them.

vii)  Theorems and formulae are the most important features in Mathematics. To memorise them, write them three to four times. Paste them in your room or above your study table, anywhere you will be able to see them daily. 

viii)  Practise different types of questions without looking at the solution at first and develop problem-solving skills to tackle any tricky question. 

ix)  Plan your solutions in your mind and then start writing.

x)  Most important of all, take care of yourself. Eat right, sleep well and indulge in non-study activities to relax. Do not take much stress about the exams. These exams are just one of many challenges you are going to face in your life time. So, face the challenge with courage.

Sample papers: Mathematics

Sample papers are a great resource which can be of immense help for students. Some advantages of sample papers:

  •  Test knowledge and preparedness: Sample papers help check grasp on concepts, and they can also help determine how prepared you are to answer the exams.

  •   Time management: Many students are unable to complete the paper due to time constraints. This is due to lack of managing time effectively and an improper approach to solving questions. Writing speed varies from student to student. Solving sample papers will give you an idea how to plan your time accordingly so that you can attempt all questions and complete the paper.

  •   Boosting confidence: Solving sample papers in a time bound manner will help you overcome the fear of the Maths exam. It will make you familiar with the exam pattern, and with this sense of familiarity, your fear of the unknown Maths sum will be gone.

  •   More practice, less mistakes: Let us say that you decide a day as the mock exam day and solve a sample paper just like you would during the exam. So a day before that you would prepare for the paper in the same way that you would during your exams. Now imagine that you do this 10 times. By the end of each exam practice session, you will know your shortcomings, so you can rectify your mistakes. By the end of the 10th sample paper, you should be ready to answer the actual exam. Click here for 10 such sample papers along with their solutions and start monitoring your progress. 

To conclude, sample papers can test your preparation and help you get accustomed to the examination. So practise as many papers as you can to prepare for the exams. Also, resolve all your doubts and clarify the steps in problems to be confident before the Maths paper. In Maths, doing well is easy because as you solve everything correctly step by step, you can get full marks.


Get more marks in your class 9th cbse exams

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