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Six Teacher-Types that you must study under

When I was a school girl, especially during my secondary education years, my grades worried me a lot. Almost no examination was complete without me failing in at least one of the papers. Often I thought that if things continued this way, I would end up being nothing.
But as years passed I was fortunate to have come across a bunch of wonderful teachers who taught me certain things, because of which I can safely say that I live a happier life. Happiness is the most important and probably 'the' only important thing.

Let me introduce you to these teachers.

The Joker

Studying will seem easy and fun if you have the Joker teaching you. He will keep you happy in class with his excellent comic timing, which will make want to attend his lectures and also enable you to learn things more easily and willingly. He will teach you to always look at the brighter side of life.

The Wandering Philosopher
The Wandering philosopher's love for knowledge will keep the explorer inside you alive. While teaching you, he will travel the world and back and sometimes give you knowledge that may seem directly irrelevant to the topic of discussion. However, as you grow older and ponder over those hours of wisdom showers, you will realise what you would've missed out on if it wasn't for him. And you will perhaps realise that it is only in the universal that the particular lies.

The Taskmaster
The Taskmaster will bombard you with assignments, homework and also give you a hard time if you don't submit them on time. But what is life without discipline? You will be thankful that you had the taskmaster in your life and thank them for their "cruel" behavior when you meet deadlines at work and elsewhere.

The Pusher
The Pusher will keep making you feel that you aren't good enough and that sometimes you are probably a waste. He will keep pushing you around, ridiculing you and asking you to improve. He will accept and appreciate only that which is excellent. You may curse him as he puts you through this hard time, but when you see yourself excel in whatever you undertake, you will thank him.

The Mother

The Mother will nurture you, provide you with all the material you need and also be benevolent while grading you. She will let you sleep in class, eat in class and also let you have your way most of the time. She will go out of the way to make things easy for you. She will be loved by all the students. You will learn to be a good-hearted and caring person from her.

The Walking-Talking Encyclopedia
The Walking-Talking Encyclopedia is quite similar to the Wandering Philosopher. However, he is systematized in his approach towards imparting knowledge. You will get your best career advice from him, so keep him close.

If you haven't come across any of these teacher-types get up now and go explore classrooms. And when you have found them, extract whatever you can from them and be very grateful to have known them.

Neha Pinto

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