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Science Experiment: Create your Own Volcano Model

Yes, you can make your own volcano model. Just follow these simple steps.

Things Required

Wax paper, Plastic bottle, Clay, Baking soda, Vinegar, Food colour, Tissue paper


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  1. Spread wax paper on the table. Do the experiment in an open area as it may get messy.
  2. Put the plastic bottle at the centre of the wax paper. Make sure the mouth of the bottle is wide enough to mix your lava.
  3. Build a cone structure around your bottle with the help of clay. Let the structure dry for one hour.
  4. Meanwhile, take a bowl, mix some vinegar and food colour. Red colour will give a realistic look to the lava.
  5. When the volcano structure is dry, add this mixture in the volcano.
  6. Take the baking soda in a tissue paper and seal it using a rubber to make a pack. Drop this baking powder pack in the volcano.
  7. Wait for the volcano to explode and bang! You have created a successful volcano.


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