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School or Tuition? Read this and clear all your confusions related to syllabi of 12th CBSE Commerce!


School or Tuition? Read this and clear all your confusions related to syllabi of 12th CBSE Commerce!

School or Tuition? Read this and clear all your confusions related to syllabi of 12th CBSE Commerce!

By Madhurima Sarkar 08th Nov, 2017 03:15 pm

Students, who are preparing for class 12 commerce; understand the huge amount of time, effort and sacrifice required for the exercise to score more in the exam. You must be busy in arranging all your notes to make sure everything is in the ideal shape so that you no more waste time to begin your groundwork. Meanwhile, you write several internal tests which are conducted at your school and private tuition to improve your ability. The topics that are covered in these tests are important to study for the exam, that’s where it hits you! It is experienced that certain topics followed in both Schools and Tuitions are completely different. It becomes difficult to give undivided attention to the predecided study schedule due to divided focus. You are at a state of uncertainty where you feel really unsure on what to follow- you attend school and then go for private tuition classes; taking notes on each and every concept taught. And it finally happens: You meet confusion! ‘Which syllabus should I follow to ace in the CBSE Commerce 2018 Exam: School syllabus or Tuition syllabus?’ It seems like an obstacle to learning as we try to arrange our time-table because we cannot overlook the concepts taught to us in either of the classroom settings. After all, we definitely strive to make a grade in exam.

Such confusions are common to CBSE students, preparing for class 12th commerce. With confusion in mind, it becomes quite easy to get de-motivated. That is why; it is significant to clear this puzzlement sooner. CBSE is a standard educational board in India with a well-structured syllabus and a comprehensive question pattern. If you want to score better in the exam, you should only follow the syllabus designed and provided by CBSE. Because the exam is conducted by CBSE and the questions will come based on CBSE syllabus only. School and tuitions, follow the CBSE pattern; although a few questions outside Class 12 CBSE commerce syllabus are included but that is only for the internal exams and to add knowledge about a particular concept or a subject. You are going accurate, if you are following the study plan of your school and tuitions; but do not avoid the syllabus provided by CBSE. The question paper will be designed by the board based on the syllabus they organized for class 12 CBSE.

Again, the foremost necessity for your grounding is to know the syllabus. You will find the detailed syllabus along with guidelines at TopperLearning; an e-learning platform dedicated to prepare students to score more in their exam.

Read the CBSE class 12 commerce syllabus subject-wise along with the division of marks allotted in each section.

When you know the syllabus, it automatically works as a remedy; most of our intelligent readers realise that it may not always be the best solution. Well, there is another way added to ace the exam which is to sit back, visit TopperLearning and enjoy  Commerce class 12 tips and detailed Analysis of CBSE Business Studies 2017 Board Paper delivered by our academic experts. If you have any more doubts on any particular concept or subject; write them on our ‘Ask the Expert’ desk to get quick response. Because it is important to resolve them at the right time to outshine in CBSE class 12 commerce exams. In addition, students are also provided with CBSE Class 12 Previous Year Question Paper for each subject along with its solutions. Past year papers will help you to understand the changing pattern followed by the examiner so far and will improve your speed in attempting questions as well. Continue with your study schedule, remove all the roadblocks from your intellect and strive for success.

Keep all your exam anxiety away and get into action! 

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