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Recycled Bottles Illuminate Dark Homes

Many great projects abound to aid the less fortunate and shed light on the issues they face all over the world. One organization, Liter of Light, is literally shedding light on dark communities in the Philippines by organizing people to build “solar bottle bulbs.”

The light is made from a liter-sized plastic bottle that contains water and bleach. The bottle is sealed in an iron sheet and installed into a small hole in the roof of home. The bottles absorb sunlight and emit about 55-watts of light into a dark interior. About 3 million homes in Manilla, the Philippines, are in the dark and have to rely on kerosene lamps for light. Those who do have electricity live in homes with faulty wiring and can sometimes not afford their bills. These bottles provide a cost-effective and environmentally safe way to provide light to these families during the daylight hours.

Check out the video below to see how the lights are installed and how amazingly bright they are. Check out their site to donate and have a light installed on your behalf.

Analysis by Christina Ortiz

via Inhabitat

Credit: MyShelter Foundation
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