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Our Super Awesome Mothers

Have you ever given a thought to the things your mother does? Despite being a simple human being, mothers are capable of miraculously handling numerous things at once. Their ability to multitask is simply mind blowing. Let us look at some of the special things which mom does for us.



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We know anybody can cook, but we always crave for the taste of the sumptuous food prepared by mom. You may get Rajma Chawal everywhere, but the taste of your mother’s Rajma Chawal can’t be found elsewhere. Right?



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Our mother is our first teacher; she starts teaching us from a very tender age. Yes! Much before our favourite teachers come into the picture. If you can successfully eat your food today is because your mother taught you the art of eating. She was the one who held your hand and taught you how to stand on your legs. No matter what happens, mothers will always be our first teachers.



Despite being busy, mothers take time out to play with their children. No matter how stressed they are, they never let go a single moment to make you happy.


Weekend Outings

Yes. The fun-filled weekend outings which you demand every weekend require much planning and hard work. Who is the mastermind behind all this? Now you know!


Great Values

Mothers are the best advisors, confidants and friends. Their values and wise words can never go wrong and will always help you in the long run.


So, now we know how super awesome our mothers are!


Pratibha Yadav
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