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Olympics: Luck element is huge in shooting, says Sodhi

India's top double trap shooter Ronjan Singh Sodhi, a strong medal prospect, said luck, form on a particular day and weather can be the deciding factor in his event during the London Games.

Sodhi agreed that luck and form on the day will also play an important role. "I have been in this sport for a long time and having been [the] World Champion in 2009 and winner of [the] World Cup, I know how it works. You may be the greatest shooter of all time but you need a bit of luck on a particular day," he said.

Asked about the shooting range, Sodhi said: "It is a level playing field out there and the weather and range will affect all the shooters, so that is going to be no excuse," said Sodhi.
You may be the greatest shooter of all time but you need a bit of luck on a particular day, he said.

Sodhi, who finished 7th in this year's World Championship, said records mean nothing in a competition as big as the Olympics. "I have shot 147 twice [world record-equalling feat], but let me tell you all these records have no meaning on [a] particular day when you are gunning for [a] medal. Keeping all the factors in mind, I dare say that luck element is huge," he said.

Sodhi said World No. 1 Peter Wilson (England) and Joshua Richmond (US) will lead the field. "Well, needless to say it is very tough. There are 22 shooters, including current world number one Peter Wilson (England) and Joshua Richmond (US). I named them because you asked me. Otherwise, all the participants start with [the] same advantage and disadvantage before the start of the event," he said.

Sodhi said he was feeling relaxed and was enjoying his stay at the Games Village. "Well, the initial excitement has died down, now I am feeling relaxed and good. It is good to be with some of the best sportspersons in the world. Having said that, I must say I am enjoying every moment in the Village," he said.


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