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NTA to Conduct NEET 2019! What Has Changed And How Should You Cope?

Isn’t it strange? Half of the nation is immersed in intense discussions about NEET 2019 right now. But why, you’d think. Let us explain . . .

Every year, around lakhs of students appear for the NEET exam. Now that the exam body for NEET has changed from CBSE to NTA, all these students are talking about it. A change of this stature is often followed by confusions and speculations, so even their families, friends, relatives, school authorities, tuition teachers (and probably their pets too) are talking about it. Needless to mention how the media has gone gaga over a news like this. Everyone has an opinion, and no one is too shy to express it.

So, as an exam taker, who should you listen to? Your NEET 2019 preparations must have started ages back. What should you do now? Carry on with your studies, of course! But what if the syllabus changes? And is it true that the exam mode has changed? OK, at least tell me that the exam pattern will remain the same!

Tormenting thoughts like this can make you go insane with anxiety! Don’t let that happen.

Stay informed, stay focused! You will do great. . .

NTA to Hold NEET? Is That True?                      

Well, it is. As announced by HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar, NEET 2019 will be conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA). The exams will be conducted in online mode twice a year from 2019 onwards. There has been no sudden or drastic updates about change in syllabus, question format, language or exam fees from NTA. It is safe to assume that no abrupt changes will be declared, as NTA is a responsible exam body, and it won’t cause unnecessary inconvenience to the students appearing for NEET 2019. Nonetheless, if such changes are to be announced in the future, you can count on us to keep you updated.

What Are The Exam Dates For NEET 2019?

Now, this is where it gets a bit tricky. Remember what we said about exam being held twice a year? This also means that there will be two sets of exam dates, registration dates, form fill ups, admit cards and pretty much everything else. Let’s try not to get confused here.

  • NEET 2019 February Exam Dates

Application Notification – In the month of October

Online Application Form Submission – October 1st to October 30th 2018

Exam Dates – Between 03.02.2019 to 17.02.2019

Declaration of results – First week of March, 2019

Exam will be conducted in online mode only.

(8 different sittings will be offered and candidates can choose any one.)

  • NEET 2019 May Exam Dates

Application Notification – In the month of March, 2019

Online Application Form Submission – Second week of March, 2019

Exam Dates – between 12.05.2019 to 26.05.2019

Declaration of results – First week of June, 2019

Exam will be conducted in online mode only.

(8 different sittings will be offered and candidates can choose any one.)

*PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DATES ARE TENTATIVE AND MAY CHANGE ACCORDING TO LATER UPDATES. Rest assured though, if any such changes are announced, we will be the first one to update you.

Exams to Be Held Only In Online Mode. What Now?

There’s been whispers that NTA will conduct NEET exams only in the online mode. Does that mean that 2019 onward there will be no offline exam for NEET? Possibly! Will that change question paper pattern? This, only time can tell. The idea to stay updated and follow official notifications closely. But here’s the up side, NEET has been conducted in the online mode earlier also. So, it’s not entirely new. To be on the safe side, take your time to get friendly with the online interface. Improve your relationship with the keypad and the mouse, if you think you need to. You can do this by taking more and more online mock test for NEET 2019. And, just so you know, conducting exams in the online mode will eradicate printing errors and eliminate chances of paper leak. So, it’s not that bad, you see!

Will the syllabus change for NEET 2019?

Well, that’s a fair question. And unfortunately, there has been no official notification about this either. But, to tell you the truth, our experts are of the opinion that even if the syllabus is altered, the change will be minor. NEET is entrance exam for medical students, the purpose of which is to gauge the conceptual expertise of the student. There is not much room for change here. Thankfully, the concepts and laws of science are will remain the same, even if the body conducting the exam changes. That’s good news, isn’t it? So, pay no heed to speculations, and focus only on your studies. If it’s not an official notification, it’s not worth pondering over.

Expert tip: Completing the NEET syllabus as soon as possible. When you have ample time left in hand, you need not worry about a couple of additions to the syllabus, if there are any, later on.

Summarizing it all: As far as the official announcements are concerned, there are 3 things you need to know. NTA will conduct NEET 2019, the exams will be conducted twice a year, and in online mode only. As for the rest, time will tell. For now, fall back on what you know rather than on what you don’t.

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