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New Year Resolutions that Matter


New Year Resolutions that Matter

How many of us stick to our resolutions till the year end? We know you’re smiling at this!

By Admin 29th Dec, 2014 06:11 pm

It’s that time of the year when we all are sincerely busy in making our New Year resolutions. As the year comes to an end, we get into the practice of thinking hard and listing things we’d love to do in the fresh year.


Interestingly, every year we follow the same fad. We make resolutions and then we break them. Isn’t that expected? How many of us stick to our resolutions till the year end? We know you’re smiling at this!


Let’s look at some tried and tested resolutions which you as a student can actually make and follow in the coming year.


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Think Big

If there’s something which has no restrictions, it’s your thinking. So, why not think big? Dream big; set your goals and work towards them. A student with a long-term goal is more focused and successful than a student who has no goals in life.


Concentrate on Academics

We know you’re tired of hearing this. But, it’s important to concentrate on academics. Education nurtures you in a right way. Thus, make sure that you don’t neglect your studies to do other things.


Be Health Conscious

Health is wealth. If you aren’t healthy enough, then you won’t be able to enjoy the basic things of life. Eat healthy to stay healthy!


Learn New Things

The human mind loves to learn new things. Push your boundaries. Challenge your brain to learn new things. Develop a hobby which you always wanted. Engage in things which make you happy.


Value Time

As a student, it’s important to value time. Do things on time. Prepare for exams in advance to improve your grades. Everybody has an equal amount of hours, but what’s important here is how you use them.



Reading is a valuable habit which can be developed. Books give you company anywhere and everywhere. Also, you end up learning a lot about life by reading. Start with reading newspapers daily. As far as books are concerned, go for genres which interest you and inculcate the habit of reading.


Be Polite to People

Be nice to people. You’re treated the way you treat others. Kindness is one of the greatest virtues of life. Be kind and polite to everyone, and you’ll see how the world around you changes for good.


Make New Friends

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Apart from your parents, it’s your friends who understand you. So, this year, add some more people to your friend list. Also, get in touch with your old friends who were always there for you, but for some reason, you lost touch. Catching up with old buddies is an altogether different feeling!


Spend Time with your Parents

Your parents are always there for you and do not demand anything in return. We’re so busy growing up that we forget that our parents need our attention too. This year, show them that they’re the most valuable part of your life.



Travel is something which every one of us should do at regular intervals. If you haven’t yet started discovering places, then add it to your New Year resolution list. Nothing is more interesting and refreshing than discovering places. Plan with your parents, visit new places and rejuvenate yourself.


Now, the basic point here is why make promises which we can’t keep? When the excitement of the New Year fades away, the resolutions too take a back seat. Many of us don’t remember that we ever made resolutions or even the resolutions altogether. By the time we remember and decide on following our forgotten list, it’s already the year end again!


So, on a good note, make resolutions which will help you transform into a better person. Don’t promise yourself things which are unrealistic.


Pratibha Yadav

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