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Mistakes to Avoid in AIPMT

Exams create a lot of pressure and fear among students, and because of the stress and anxiety, students are likely to commit a lot of silly mistakes. Keeping in mind the importance of the highly competitive AIPMT exam, students should be careful and avoid losing unnecessary precious marks.

Here are few mistakes which need to be avoided.

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Misreading the Questions

We have a habit of reading only what we want to see, and this happens a lot when you read under pressure like during the exams. If you don’t read the question properly, you’re likely to answer incorrectly. So, even if you know the answer, you’ll end up with the wrong answer because of your ignorant behaviour of not reading the question properly. This is by far the most common mistake committed by many students.

Order of Attempt

Candidates often make the mistake of trying to attempt the difficult part of the exam first. They start off with Physics and Chemistry, and they’re stuck in one particular question, missing out on valuable time. The best way to avoid such error is by attempting the easy questions first and then going through the tough ones. The ideal way to answer the questions is to first attempt Biology (Botany and Zoology), followed by Chemistry and Physics.

Marking Error

In the OMR sheet, students often tend to mark the circle in a wrong way. The most common errors students make are that they mark more than one choice and fail to fill the circles completely. For example, instead of marking a circle for question 50, they may accidentally mark the answer to question 51. This may sound silly, but due to hurry, many students make such mistakes.

Fear of Negative Marking

Many students have trouble in deciding whether to leave a question to avoid negative marking, or they make an attempt and keep wondering about what could be the right choice. The only way out from this confusion depends on the number of choices you were able to omit. If you’ve to choose between two choices, then its better you leave the question and move ahead. Students should aim to answer 165 to 170 questions out of the 180 questions because the choices aren’t to help you but to confuse you.

Students commit lots of mistakes, but when it comes to competitive exams, you have to be attentive, calm and confident enough for every choice you make. Also, make sure you attempt your strong topic first and then proceed with the rest of the paper.

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 Tejal Mistry

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