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Mistakes to Avoid during Board Exams

Even though students spend a year preparing for the Board exams, they probably end up making silly mistakes during the exams. The pressure to perform well in the Board exams is so high that they often ignore the basics which leaves them struggling during the exams.

Here are some common mistakes which students often make during these examinations.

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Not reading the questions properly

This is one of the most common mistakes students make in the exams. This often happens when the exam pressure is very high. If you do not read the questions properly, then the chances of answering them correctly are also zero. So, even if you know the answer, you probably end up answering incorrectly because of your ignorant behaviour. This is by far the most common mistake committed by students.

Time management

The Board exams are all about time management. If you do not know how to manage those three hours, then you will likely end up struggling with finishing the paper on time. While writing the paper, make sure you do not waste time on one question. Time is crucial, so carefully allot time to all questions according to their requirements. Avoid spending too much time on questions which are difficult or the ones which may consume more time than required.

Leaving easy questions for the last

Students often like to finish the difficult questions first and then end with the easy ones. This may sound sensible to many students, but what if you are not left with enough time to answer all the questions. If you know the questions which are relatively easy, then do them first. If you start with the difficult ones, then there are chances that you may end up not answering them as well as some easier ones. Therefore, it is important that you get as many marks as you can from the questions you are confident in.

Essay writing

Before starting with the essay, it is important that you have a plan on how to begin and end the essay. Having a structure for your essay is essential; it will guide you throughout the process. If you neglect this planning beforehand, then you risk losing your chain of thought, forgetting what you were willing to say; instead you end up writing everything in a wrong order, which probably may not make any sense to the examiner. You do not have to write a detailed plan; obviously, there is no time for it. However, plan roughly enough to stay on track throughout the writing.


Diagrams are required to be neat and well labelled. It is important for students to make a presentable diagram for the examiner with correct labelling and neat handwriting. Do not take diagrams for granted; they are as important as any other answer.  

Finally, to be sure that you have really answered all the questions, go through your answer paper at the end just before submission.

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Tejal Mistry

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