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Leonhard Euler: Prolific Mathematician of the Eighteen Century


Leonhard Euler: Prolific Mathematician of the Eighteen Century

Read on to know the aspiring story of the great mathematician of the eighteen century.

By Tejal Mistry 07th Apr, 2016 12:07 pm

Leonhard Euler is one of the greatest mathematicians of the eighteen century and a prolific mathematician who made some influential discoveries in many branches of Mathematics such as topology and analytic number theory.

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Although born and educated in Basel, Switzerland, Euler spent most of his career in St Petersburg and Berlin. To survive, he mastered Russian and settled into life in St Petersburg and took an additional job as a medic in the Russian Navy.

With the continuing turmoil in Russia, Euler left St Petersburg to take up a post at the Berlin Academy, which he had been offered by Frederick, the Great of Prussia. He lived there for twenty-five years, where he wrote over 380 articles. He also published two of his works for which he became most renowned. Despite some groundbreaking research in Berlin, he and Frederick never got on well and he ended up leaving Berlin.

The St Petersburg Academy, on the other hand, continued to publish Euler’s work for more than 30 years. By the early 1770s, Euler lost his eyesight completely after not allowing for proper post-operative care. His mind remained highly agile, and he was able to continue his scientific work and published scores of articles with assistance.

Euler had a great memory, and his concentration seemed legendary. He was not troubled by interruptions and distractions. In fact, he did much of his work with his young children playing by his feet.

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