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Last Minute Preparation Tips for AIPMT

The All India Pre-Medical Test is among the toughest exams and is just around the corner. AIMPT is an important entrance exam for students who aspire to get into medical colleges. The pressure among students appearing for the exam is understood, as it is very difficult to score well. The clear-cut tips for last minute preparation are staying focused and avoiding getting nervous.

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Revision: For quick revision, divide the chapters according to their importance and weightage in the AIMPT exam. Now tackle the syllabus according to their importance. Finish the most important chapters first and then move ahead accordingly. Also, make sure you try to cover all the chapters if you plan to score well in the exam.

Preparation: Try to avoid studying new chapters and focus more on chapters you have already read before. If you try to study new things at this point in time, you tend to forget the topics you have already revised.

Important Topics: Concentrate more on Biology as 50% of the exam questions will be from the subject. The topics of morphology, anatomy, taxonomy and classification have great importance. Also, while revising Biology, make sure you mug up the names of scientists, their achievements, the dates mentioned, tools and types of taxonomy – zoos, botanical gardens, herbaria, museums, binomial names and information about species.   

For Physics, make sure you know all the important formulae, physics measurements, physical law and technology, physics, society, units and needs of measurements, SI and fundamental units, length measurement, time management, measurement errors, accuracy instruments, applications of physics in technology, accuracy of instruments and important figures.

For Chemistry, learn by heart the formulae of physical chemistry, important chemicals, minerals, combination laws, abstraction of atoms, molecules and elements, molecules and atom masses, mole description, molar masses, percentage of composition and formulae for the molecular, chemical compositions and reactions, stoichiometry and their calculations.

Solving: The foremost thing to keep in mind is make sure you complete XI and XII NCERT syllabus. Try to solve as many previous year papers to get clear idea about the exam paper pattern and types of questions asked.

The last piece of advice is, try keeping your mind tension free as you prepare for medical entrance exam so it is important to keep you mind away from all the confusion and stress. Also, always keep some free time for activities you like to do in order to let your mind relax. The best way to deal with such situation is by maintaining positive attitude towards exam.  

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