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Kind of People you Find in an Examination Hall


Kind of People you Find in an Examination Hall

Let’s look at the kind of people we meet in an examination hall. We bet you’ll remember some of your friends while you read this.

By Pratibha Yadav 10th Jun, 2015 03:58 pm

The examination hall is an interesting place to discover interesting people. Amid all the tension and nervousness, people behave differently. Let’s look at the kind of people we meet in an examination hall. We bet you’ll remember some of your friends while you read this.


1. Knowledge Soakers

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These students are so competitive that they don’t want to miss out on anything. They’re glued to their books until the examiner shouts at them. Emotional is the love between them and their books!


2. Scholars

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These people take the exams all too seriously. They start as soon as they get the paper and continue writing till the end.


3. Cheating Experts

Image source:

We all know them! They’re the best in cheating. Their tricks are so amazing that they always manage to skip the examiner’s eye.


4. No-Luck-in-Cheating Experts

Image source:

The other lot are those who try to take inspiration from the cheating experts but end up regretting. Howsoever hard they try, they never manage to reach the master levels of the cheating experts and are always caught.


5. Dozers

Image source:

The dozers seem to be always sleepy. Looking at their faces, you’d think how hardworking they are. Such is their commitment to sleep that they don’t even care about the exam.


6. Answer Sheet Collectors

Image source:

The answer sheet collectors are the centre of attraction in the entire examination hall. They keep on piling on the answer sheets one after another. To an average student, it’s amusing to note that they’ve so much to write about. It’s a tough task ahead for the teachers to check their papers.


7. Latecomers

Image source:

Students who are never on time no matter what fall in the latecomer category. They come running into the exam hall 15 minutes after the exam has begun. And, yes their excuses are mind blowing.


8. Last-Minute Scribblers

Image source:

The last-minute scribblers have so much to scribble but only when the exam time comes to an end. It seems like they take the first few hours in recalling things, and by the time they do recall, they have no time left!


9. On-Time Experts

Image source:

They finish their paper before time, and by before time, we mean way before time. These confident selves leave the examination hall with pride. Well, we just hope they get marks which they’re proud of too.


10. Bluffers

Image source:

No matter what the question, they know it all. They bluff and bluff and bluff till they’re actually satisfied with their answers. Sadly, teachers fail to satisfy them with good marks!

So, which one is you?

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