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Karnataka Class 12 chemistry paper leaked once more, Board postpones exam again

More than 1.4 lakh students in Karnataka have been terribly affected by the leaking of Class 12 Chemistry exam paper once again. Earlier, the exam was scheduled on March 21, 2016 but was cancelled as authorities were alerted by a student about the leak after the exam was over.

The paper was then postponed to March 31, 2016. However, a second leak has been detected by the CID and now; the exam has been cancelled thus creating havoc for students. Board department sources revealed that they were alerted about the question paper leak at around 3.30 am by CID officials.

Angry students along with their parents are protesting against the Board. They want Karnataka’s Education Minister Kimmane Rathnakar to resign after the double leak.

The date for the next re-examination is yet to be decided. This has left students, who are about to give their CET exams, in a big soup.

This year's Karnataka’s CET exams are scheduled to be held on May 4 and 5.

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