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James Watt: Father of the Industrial Revolution


James Watt: Father of the Industrial Revolution

Here are five amazing facts about James Watt.

By Admin 15th Jan, 2016 04:27 pm

Here are five amazing facts about James Watt, the man who brought about remarkable changes to the industrial sector.

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1. James Watt was a Scottish engineer and inventor who contributed to the Industrial Revolution. He is known to make remarkable improvements to the steam engine.

2. Watt began his experiments with steam in 1750. Although he had never seen a working steam engine, he built a steam engine which used 75% less fuel than the previous model.

3. In 1760, Watt worked with the inventor John Roebuck and then with an engineer Matthew Boulton. Together they made steam engines for canal boats, coalmines and paper, cotton and flour mills.

4. Watt was the first person who proposed that water was made of hydrogen combined with oxygen.

5. The unit watt (W) is named after James Watt. Even today, it is used as the basic unit of mechanical and electrical power for light bulbs and other machines.

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