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Is it Really Worth Stressing about Exam Results?


Is it Really Worth Stressing about Exam Results?

By Admin 07th Oct, 2014 05:49 pm

When it comes to exams, we’ve taken the phrase ‘Survival of the Fittest’ out of the leaves of Charles Darwin’s evolutionary literature a bit seriously. The cut-throat competition to get through to the top institutions or rank in the top ten of a classroom has given rise to a skewed perception and an unfound fear that exams are the focal point of a student’s life.

Every year, students in India carry the burden of their parents’ and teachers’ unrealistic expectations into the examination hall. When students can’t meet the expectations and find themselves behind others, it often comes as a mental blow. Sometimes, it can take a student’s life too. Such cases aren’t unknown to us if we flip through the newspapers or look around.



According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 23 boys and 19 girls committed suicide in 2010 in Delhi after being unable to cope with exam pressure.


To be really honest, the marks you get in your school or even your boards don’t shape your life. It’s only the work you do and how good you’re at it which will eventually matter. If board marks were the only thing which mattered, then only those people who scored above 90% in their boards would have been successful. However, when we look around, this isn’t the case.


Students overburdened with expectations also resort to unscrupulous means such as cheating on the examination. Is it really the student’s fault or the situation which made him/her take such a drastic step?


Before looking down at yourself as a failure or if you’re already de motivated, sit back and give a thought about the pointers below.


You’re valuable to your family even if you don’t do well in your exams.

  1. -For starters, what’s done is done. Accept that you’ve taken your exams and you can’t go back in time. You’ll get several other chances to prove yourself and succeed.

  2. -Know your strengths and believe in them. You’re bigger than any of the events happening in your life, and certainly bigger than something as mundane as an exam result.

  3. -Although parents and close ones may shout at you, they care more about you than about your results. At the end of the day, YOU are the most important thing in their lives, not your marks.

  4. -Persevere! Everyone gets somewhere in life. Don’t give up just yet. Ask your local shopkeeper or someone else you know about their road to success. You can be sure their exam results didn’t play a big part. Keep the faith.


While you wait…

  1. -Keep on with your life. Don’t miss out on happy moments worrying about something which you can’t predict.

  2. -You can consider taking up hobbies and doing things which you love to do.

  3. -Learn something new or maybe something new which has caught your interest.

  4. -Outings, trips and excursions help you get away from stressful environments.

  5. -Enjoy little moments with family and friends.

  6. -If you’ve just taken your CBSE or ICSE exams, you can consider career options for yourself and even discuss them with your family and friends. Career counselling helps if you’re confused with figuring those out.


After the results are declared

  1. -Talk your mind out. Talk to people who make you comfortable – family, friends or a counsellor.

  2. -There are thousands of career options available today. There’s no reason to tread the conventional road.

  3. -You’re precious. Hurting yourself in any way will just hurt your close ones, not to mention that it wouldn’t solve anything.

  4. -Pray, focus on good things and move forward. If you have the will, you will make your way! 




Talk to yourself and motivate yourself. If there’s no close family or friend to pat your back, you’re there for you. Say to yourself, “I am the best and this moment will pass in no time.” Keep yourself motivated. Reading great men’s biographies does help. These biographies show how they embraced their failures to become leaders.


If you’re a failure, then you aren’t the only one

Winston Churchill: His parents ignored him. He performed poorly at school; he stuttered and spoke with a lisp. His teachers called him a disappointment and a boy with low IQ. He went on to become one of the world’s finest leaders and Great Britain’s Prime Minister during World War 2.



Thomas Alva Edison: A teacher told him he was “too stupid to learn anything” and that he should go into a field where he “might succeed by virtue of his pleasant personality.” However, he went on to become the inventor of the light bulb.


The list goes on…


Click here for CBSE Sample Papers .

-Sayan Ganguly

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