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India at Paralympics: Basha finishes 5th in -48kg Powerlifting

Farman Basha’s journey at the Paralypics in London came to an end after he came fifth in the -48kg Powerlifting event.

The Bangalore-born Basha managed a best of 150kg, 5kg short of 4th placed Eay Simay from Lao People’s Democratic Republic and 10kg short of bronze medal winner Taha Abdelmagid (Egypt).

Nigerian Yakubu Adesokan took gold with a world record lift of 180kg followed by Vladimir Balynetc who won silver with a lift of 170kg.

India has two more competitors in the Powerlifting event— Rajinder Singh Rahelu in the -67.5kg category and Sachin Chaudhury in the -82.5kg.

Rajinder’s event is on September 2nd at 7.30 PM and Sachin will aim for a medal on September 4th at 4.30 PM.

by FP Sports
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