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Important Chapters you should not skip in ICSE Class 9 Maths

Many of us think that some of the ICSE Class 9 Maths chapters are not important. But that’s not true. It’s just that some of these chapters are very important and some are not. To differentiate the importance of chapters, you should actually know their weightage, their wideness—or how much time studying them will consume—and their usefulness in present and future studies. So, let’s focus on the chapters which are actually important and which should not be missed at any cost.

Some important ICSE Class 9 Maths chapters that should not be skipped during the preparation of your exam:


  • Commercial Maths

This includes compound interest with formula and without formula.

Compound interest without formula deals with problems which you can solve using the simple interest formula.

Compound interest with formula deals with problems where the compound interest formula is used.

Knowing both of these will also improve your skills when calculating interest.


  • Algebra

a. Simultaneous linear equations (including graphical solutions as well)

This chapter is easy and scoring. The only thing to keep in mind when answering the questions based on this chapter is to plot the points correctly. The chapter will be continued in your future classes (for three or more linear equations.


b.     Logarithms

Various laws of logarithms introduced in this chapter are very important. You can use them to solve various expressions/equations including exponents.

So, it’s better not to skip this chapter as it will be continued in your future studies where you’ll encounter advanced problems. Practice as many problems from this chapter to get a grip on logarithms.

  • Geometry

a. Triangles

Congruent triangles is one of the most important topic to study in triangles. In this topic, you should understand and remember the differences among the various congruency criteria of triangles. These are used in attempting most of the problems/questions based on topics like quadrilaterals, circles etc.

Also, remember the inequalities related to triangles as these will be used while solving many problems based on triangles and as part of other topics in geometry.

Knowledge of congruency will help you when you have to learn new topics like similarity.


b.     Mid-point theorem

This includes the mid-point theorem and its converse. Also, please don’t skip the intercept theorem as it can be used for solving many problems based on triangles, quadrilaterals etc.

It’s important to note that these theorems can be directly asked in the exam for 4 marks.


c.      Pythagoras’ theorem

This includes the popular Pythagoras’ theorem, its converse and some of its simple applications.

It is one of the most important theorems and has featured many times in the exam. It is used to prove other theorems and for solving many advanced problems based on triangles besides being used to solve problems based on the right-angled triangle.


d.     Quadrilaterals

Do not skip this chapter as it contains some of the important formulae related to polygons like ‘sum of interior angles’ which can be further used in solving problems in geometry. This topic will also be helpful in your studies in Class 10 and beyond


e.     Area theorems

Theorems based on this chapter are important as they are useful when solving problems based on finding the areas of figures including different types of quadrilaterals/triangles.

The theorems find applications in the mensuration chapter and in topics taught in the higher classes. Area theorems will also help you to improve your maths skills when it comes to measurement.


f.       Circle

Theorems and formulae based on this topic are very important. The properties of circle are important too.

This chapter is very important from your exam point of view as it contains a variety of questions and these questions use a lot of geometrical results/properties which indirectly help you revise previous topics.


Statistics is in itself an independent subject and has great applications. In ICSE Class 9, statistics is a high weightage unit and is easy. The unit will be continued in your higher classes and will be helpful for further studies too. So, you should not skip statistics.

Problems related to mean and median are very easy to solve and are scoring, but you need to be thorough with the methods and formulae. Although a bit lengthy, it is a scoring unit.


  • Mensuration

Mensuration-1 and Mensuration–2 are the chapters with many scoring questions compared to other chapters. The only thing you need to be careful about is formulae. You should know which formula to use as per the geometrical shape.

This chapter is also going to be helpful in ICSE Class 10 Maths.


This unit contains very important chapters like Trigonometric ratios, Solution of right triangles and Complementary angles.

This is a vast topic as it deals with triangles, which indirectly deals with most of the geometrical shapes. This is why trigonometry becomes a heavy weight in the exam paper. You’ll need mental strength to go through the concepts and topics, but skipping any of the topics from this unit is not right, even if due to fear of the time the unit will take when studying. The major parts to study are trigonometric ratios and relationship between trigonometric ratios and trigonometric values. Problems based on these topics can be solved easily after you are thorough with these major parts.


Distance formula is the most important chapter. Study, practice problems and do not skip this chapter. Problems are less time consuming and easy. The ones related to triangles can be solved easily and are really scoring. Also, distance formula is used to solve the many problems related to quadrilaterals or polygons in further classes.

So, these are some important ICSE Class 9 Maths chapters which you should not miss when preparing for your exam. They lay a strong foundation to Maths as well as subjects like Engineering and Architecture. Ideally, you should not skip any ICSE Class 9 Maths chapter if you want to top your class. Visit the TopperLearning educational website to watch some great videos on the theorems we’ve discussed. Also, go through our sample papers and practice the problems because more practice will help you get more marks in your ICSE Class 9 Maths exam.

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