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Impact of Monsoon on our Environment

The monsoon season is not just about having fun and enjoying the rains, it has more to it. Not only we human beings but also the entire biosphere eagerly waits for the monsoon, and a slight change in the monsoon pattern can have a great impact on the biosphere. Let’s look at how certain elements of our Ecosystem are influenced by the monsoon season.



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India is an agricultural land, and agriculture depends on the monsoon to a great extent. Certain crops such as rice and tea rely on the monsoon to grow. Irrigation techniques will be of no use if there is no water to irrigate, and the groundwater itself is not a sufficient resource to depend on. The monsoon is a natural way to fill wells, lakes and rivers. Water is then used for agricultural purposes. Therefore, the monsoon has a great impact on agriculture.



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Flora, a component of the ecosphere, forms an important part of our biosphere. The beauty of the vivid flowers and the lush green plants will not be the same if there is no monsoon. The raindrops give the much-needed water supply to plants which helps them stay green and lively. A decrease in rainfall can destroy flora.


Water Bodies

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You can easily fill tanks at your home and get water through taps. But have you ever thought from where this water comes? Well, the ultimate sources of water are the water bodies, which form our hydrosphere. Natural sources of water such as lakes, rivers and ponds depend on the monsoon. The lesser the rainfall, the higher the danger of water scarcity! So, a good monsoon is imperative to fill up the natural water sources which in turn supply us with water.



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Our fauna depends on water bodies for its day-to-day activities. Unlike us, they do not get a direct supply of water for their drinking and bathing needs. They need to search for water and depend on water bodies for the same. So, lesser the rains, lesser is the availability of water for them. Thus, the monsoon plays an essential role in sustaining the fauna in the biosphere.





Soil, a component of the lithosphere, is the most vulnerable part of the biosphere when it comes to the monsoon. Both low and heavy rainfall can affect soil badly. On one hand, low rainfall can degrade the quality of soil; on the other hand, heavy rainfall can lead to soil erosion, which can affect the fertility of soil.


-Pratibha Yadav

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