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ICSE X Biology (Science III) Exam Review and Analysis

The Class 10 Board Exams for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, popularly known as ICSE, have been going on since 26th February 2018, and today, most ICSE Class 10 students had their final board paper of Biology (Science Paper III), the relatively easy to crack among all the science streams.

This time students got a couple of days to prepare themselves for their Biology exam. Let us analyse the question paper and check whether the exam was worth all the effort put in by students.

ICSE X Biology Question Paper Structure

The ICSE X Biology exam comprises a theory paper (of two hours duration) which has questions of a total of 80 marks and an internal assessment with practical work carrying 20 marks.

The theory paper was divided into two sections, Section I (40 marks) and Section II (40 marks).

Section I was compulsory and had a total of 8 questions on the entire syllabus, all objective type, each question carrying 5 marks.

Section II had a total of 7 questions which were mostly diagram based, each question carrying 10 marks. Students were given an option to answer any 4 of these 7 questions.

To help our student readers who attempted the various questions, we have reviewed the entire theory paper without considering the options.

On comparing this question paper with that of previous years, we find that the chapter ‘Nervous System’ was found to be of maximum weightage (15 marks), followed by the chapters ‘Photosynthesis’, ‘Circulatory System’ and ‘Reproductive System’ which accounted for 11 marks each in the paper. The weightage of the chapter ‘Aids to Health’ increased substantially. The corresponding weightage was decreased from the unit ‘Genetics’.

Students with thorough knowledge on plant physiology (Photosynthesis) and human anatomy (Circulatory System and Reproductive System) would find that answering these questions in the paper was relatively easy.

Questions in Section A were very easy and were remembering based. Most questions were directly picked up from the exercises at the end of every chapter. These would not have been too hard for students well-versed with their ICSE textbooks.

Questions in Section B were mostly diagram-based, covering the experimental aspects of the chapters. This section was entirely based on the understanding skills of students.

It would be unfair to conclude that this paper was very easy, but yes, this paper gave a great scoring opportunity to students who were regular with their learning of concepts and had practised with sample papers.

Today’s ICSE Class 10 Biology paper was the last board paper for most students. Being stress-free and relaxed after a year of rigorous effort and dedication, students are now excited and all set to enjoy their long awaited summer vacations.

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