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ICSE Class 10 Math Examination: Tips to Prepare Well

Are you going to appear for class 10 Math ICSE board examination? If yes, then the following tips on good revision and preparation will come to your assistance.

Tips to prepare well for class 10 Math examination

1. While revising the subjects, you feel that there is still a lot to study. Don't get tensed up. No person in the world feels totally prepared for his exams.

2. To avoid visual disturbance, read in a dark room under a table light facing the wall. Dawn is the best time to study.

3. Create an artificial dawn by sleeping for an hour in the afternoon during preparation holidays; brush your teeth, bathe and read. It's called "one day-two dawns theory".

4. Avoid sweets, oily foods and cool drinks. You may get a brief high due to initial insulin release, but it drives you to 'sugar coma'.

5. If you do not have a regular coffee/tea habit, don't make it now to stay late hours.

6. Stick on to the healthy habit of sleeping before midnight to be fit physically and mentally.

7. A student's attention deteriorates after reading for an hour. Sit straight and cover your eyes with a wet cloth for five minutes. Close your left nostril with middle finger; take a deep breath and release. Repeat it with your right nostril. This exercise astonishingly re-energises your mood and you feel rejuvenated. Just try.

8. If you have sleeping problem due to tension, stop reading before bedtime and relax.

9. Don't watch TV after studies.

10. A glass of milk along with a banana drives you to a good sleep. But never take milk 'before' the commencement of studies in the night.

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