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ICSE Class 10 Biology Semester 2 2022 Exam Analysis- 17th May

The Class 10 board exams for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, popularly known as ICSE, have continued since 25th April 2022. Today, ICSE Class 10 students had their last major exam of Biology (Science Paper III), which is relatively easy to crack among other papers. After considering all parameters, CISCE was examined for the year 2021-22 in a semester wise pattern. 

The students got a gap of four days to study for this exam as the Chemistry paper was scheduled just on Friday, 13th May 2022. So, did the Biology paper do justice to the students' hard work? How was it? The exam seemed to be of moderate to easy difficulty but slightly lengthy for the students. Let us analyse the ICSE Class 10 Biology Semester 2 Paper for 2022 and find out the details.

Question Paper Structure

For this academic year 2021-22, ICSE followed a reduced syllabus released on its official website. The syllabus was bifurcated separately for Semester 1 and Semester 2. 

The Semester 1 Exam paper comprised of MCQs. However, the pattern of Semester 2 exams resembled the old way of ICSE, containing descriptive questions and a few multiple-choice questions. So, let's first see the paper structure before moving on to paper analysis. 

The exam was of 40 marks, and the time allotted for the examination was 90 minutes, including reading time. All questions were compulsory. The question paper was precisely in line with the specimen paper released by CISCE.

Section A had 10 MCQs, each carrying one mark accounting for ten marks. This section is comprised of memory-based and understanding based questions.

Section B had five main questions of SAQ type, each carrying ten marks. Of these five questions, students were expected to attempt any three questions from this section, thus accounting for 30 marks. 

Every main question is comprised of 4 sub-questions. Of these four sub-questions, two questions carried two marks each, while the remaining two questions carried three marks each.  

Section B included a mixed bag of questions in the form of Name the following, Complete the table, Diagram-based questions, Draw diagrams, Give reasons, etc.

Thus, Section A (10 marks) and Section B (30 marks) together accounted for 40 marks in the paper.

Board Paper Analysis: 

Most of the students reviewed the ICSE Class 10 Biology Semester 2 Paper effortless but a little lengthy.  

Overall Difficulty Level

Easy - Moderate

Difficulty Level (Section A)


Difficulty Level (Section B)

Easy - Moderate

Students' Feedback

  • The examination was lengthy and time taking.
  • It was easy and well balanced.
  • It was straightforward and could be finished well on time.

Experts' Feedback

  • The paper was balanced. Some have said that a few questions were tricky.
  • It was a lot inspired by the ICSE specimen paper. 

Watch ICSE Class 10 Biology Post Paper Analysis here:


It would be fair to conclude that this paper was moderate to easy difficulty level with direct questions being asked from the syllabus. It was a great scoring opportunity for students who were regular with their learning of concepts and had practised the specimen paper. A student who had practised solving specimen papers would easily score 30-33 marks out of 40.

The Council will upload the ICSE Class 10 Biology question paper on the official portal after the Semester 2 exams. CISCE is expected not to release any answer key for the ICSE Class 10 Semester 2 exam. The exam answer key would not be released as it is a subjective paper. 

Today's Biology paper was the last major board paper for ICSE Class 10 students. It's time to be stress-free and relax after months of rigorous effort and dedication. Students can now enjoy their summer vacations and get set for a new chapter in life after boards.

Stay tuned to TopperLearning for timely syllabus and curriculum updates for the next academic year!! 

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