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How to Stay Focused during Exams

When exams approach, our senses and memory go for a toss. Either you forget what you have learnt or you have a vast portion to go through. In this case, tension builds up and one cannot stay focused for long. Here, we list out five major tips to stay focused during your exams.


Most students prefer to stay awake on the night before the exams to complete their syllabus; however, in the process, they end up tiring their brains. You should never sacrifice your sleep, as it improves memory and concentration. A minimum of six hours of sleep is required for students.

Take breaks

Take breaks at specific intervals to stretch your body and relax your mind. Our brain has a saturation level, and one can't study for long hours as the concentration starts to decrease. So it is best advised to take breaks at regular intervals.

Laugh and do not stress

Although 'Exam fear' is inevitable, it is necessary to prepare well. Getting overstressed can never help during exams. Laughter is one of the best medicines, so try hanging out with your friends or see your favourite comedy serial for a while.


Exercising gives you the extra strength required to cope up with the mental stress that develops during exams. A simple walk, going to the gym or playing with your dog can help during exams.

Eat healthy

A good diet is very crucial during exams. You should include more healthy foods in your diet and avoid foods that can make you sick. Eat a light lunch with lots of salads. Almonds can help in boosting your memory.

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