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How to Make a Teacher's Day Card

Holistic Learning and Development

How to Make a Teacher's Day Card

By Admin 14th Feb, 2014 05:26 pm

When you give a Teacher's day card to your teacher, it is not just a piece of enveloped artwork that you hand over to your teacher; in fact, it is your feelings towards your teacher. Cards can easily symbolise respect and admiration towards your teacher, therefore you have to be particular about the kind of card you are giving.


Homemade cards have an advantage as you can add a lot of personal touch to the card and can be as creative as possible. With a handful of easily available raw materials you can create wonderful cards for your teachers.


Few card making methods and tips are as follows:
1) Designer Cards

Materials required:

King-size blank card, Background paper, 6x6 Designer Pad, Dress It Up Buttons (black ABC buttons), 3-D Decorative Stickers, Adhesive, Craft Glue-Dots.


Glue a sheet of four-stitched squares paper pad to the bottom half of the card. To give a 3-D effect, go over the printed stitching on the squares with glaze pens. 

Cut a blue triangle-edged sheet from paper pad so that it covers the remaining top of the card. Glue into place. Again go over the printed stitching with a Glaze pen as before. 

Tear out a vellum quote and ink the edges with yellow ink.  Stick onto card and decorate with star and apple buttons. 

Decorate each square on the card. ABC buttons are stuck on with Craft Glue Dots. 

You can write impressive Teachers Day message on your card.

2) 3-D Cards

Materials required:

Dark Blue A6 Card, Doodlebug Brazil Cream Puff, Foam pads, Decoupage paper, Dress It Up Candle Button, Blitzen Letters, Adhesive. 


Cut a rectangle of cream Brazil with a 1cm margin all around a dark blue card and glue it onto the card. Cut another panel from Jewel Creative pack with a margin of 1/2cm and glue it onto the Bazzill panel. 

Cut out the desired picture and glue it onto the card. Pick out certain elements in the picture that you want to be 3 dimensional and layer them onto the original picture using foam pads or blobs of silicon to separate the layers. Build it up as much as you want. 

Cut out a tag shape from the Jewel Creative pack and stick on the letters Teachers Day with blue Blitzen letters. Glue the tag onto the card and finish with a Dress It Up Candle button. 

3) Dry Leaf Card

Materials required:

Drawing sheet, dry leaf, pictures cut from magazine or newspapers. 



Fold your drawing sheet from the middle. 

You can draw a colorful and relevant to occasion picture on the outer side. 

You can take a pretty leaf and dry it by keeping it between sheets of a newspaper and ironing it. This will make your teacher think that you have been drying a leaf for a long time just for her! 

Paste a god picture on the outer side of your card or better you can draw one for yourself. 

Now write a message for your teacher on the inner side. 

Put the card in an envelope. 

Tie the envelope with a ribbon and give it to your teacher.

When making a card always be creative and use your seamless imagination to decorate your cards. Give your card a personal touch by adding a special message in it. The picture and colour selected should be relevant to the occasions.



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