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How NASA Takes Care of the Environment


How NASA Takes Care of the Environment

Let’s look at some of NASA’s activities for the betterment of the environment.

By Pratibha Yadav 20th Jul, 2015 03:42 pm

We may think of NASA as an administration which is only involved in research and space explorations. However, that is not what NASA is all about. NASA has been continuously contributing towards the environment. Let’s look at some of NASA’s activities for the betterment of the environment.

Monitoring the Earth: NASA ensures that there is no collision between the Earth and near-Earth objects. It also ensures that asteroids and other objects do not hit the Earth. NASA tracks the asteroids and, if necessary, comes up with ways to move their paths away from the Earth.

Making Clean Fuel: NASA uses hydrogen fuel in space shuttles. Scientists have also developed ways to derive fuel from algae. NASA is continuously working on ways to make clean fuel. This is NASA’s way of reducing pollution in the environment.

Global Warming: NASA is working on its climate change research. Studies are being carried out to understand the effects of global warming and to develop solutions to reduce it.

Recycle Waste Water: NASA is working on ways to recycle wastewater while on missions.

Observation Technology: Observational technology by NASA helps assess the air quality of the Earth.

Technological Innovations: Technological innovations of NASA are also used by other research organisations. Two of NASA’s airborne radar devices have been sent to Iceland and Greenland to study the flow of glaciers and to map the surface topography of the area’s ice.

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