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How Can You Impress Your Mom?


How Can You Impress Your Mom?

By Admin 14th Feb, 2014 05:38 pm

Well, here you are! You want to impress your mom. Cool! Good idea. And for your surprise, you can actually do that very easily. The idea is to give what she wants. No, no. You do not need to give her a diamond jewelry set or a BMW car. What you need to do is to provide her what she expects from you. Yes sweetheart! She expects some things from you. These some things are actually those things which can keep you well and in good shape.


Have you ever wondered why she gets angry when you insist on not eating spinach or peanuts? If you haven't, then start doing now. Also, take a look at the following account. It tells you what simple things you can do to impress your mom.

Get up on Time:

I know it is at times hard to leave the bed in the morning. But, you have to make your mom happy. Don't you? So, make a habit to get up on time. It might be tough doing initially but you would enjoy the feeling of freshness with time.

Eat What She Wants You to:

When your mom asks you to have something, have it. She cares for your health, and so she wants you to eat some nutritious stuff. Don't get scared. I am not asking you to leave your favorite eatables like noodles, chocolates or ice-creams. I am only suggesting you to follow a diet to keep a balance between nutritious and delicious things.

Help her in Routine Chores:

Your mom has to perform many household chores. Managing family members is an additional burden on her. You can reduce the workload on her by doing some things on your own. For instance, take bath yourself, get dressed yourself, come on dining table before her asking you several times, and the likes.

Also, try to keep your house clean. It is, in fact, very easy to do. You only have to throw the waste into the bin and keep the things from where you take them.

Study Regularly:

Does your mom nag you for not studying? If yes, then you need to improve yourself in this aspect as 'learning' is what makes a man. You might not understand it at this point in time. Still, try to be obedient. Make a point that you study for at least an hour every day. This is for your own good.

In short, you have to do all those things which are required for yourself. All these things are your mom's prime concern in her life. By working for yourself, you happen to make your mom happy. You make her feel nice about you. So, give all the above given tips and ideas a shot and experience the difference in your and your mom's lives.

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