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How Can I Crack JEE through Self-study?


How Can I Crack JEE through Self-study?

Make a Roadmap to Success!

By Admin 20th Mar, 2019 06:37 pm

So, are you planning to crack one of the world’s toughest entrance exam on your own? Isn’t that too ambitious?

No, it’s not. In fact, if you go by history, 52% of the students who cleared JEE Main and Advanced in 2013, did it through self-study.

If they could do it, why can’t you?

Now, having said that, we would also like to point out that JEE is indeed a difficult-to-crack competitive exam. Here, you will be pitted against the best and the most brilliant minds in the country.

To approach self-study for JEE without proper guidance and strategic planning can have fatal consequences.

So, how should put a method to the madness? How should you schedule your JEE preparation so that you can crack the exam in the first attempt?

Well, here are a few quick tips and tricks to help you prepare for JEE 2020.


Tips to Prepare for JEE 2020 Through Self-Study

-          Carefully select the study material -  The best place to start would be the NCERT textbooks for Classes 11 and 12. Once you are thorough with the concepts and their explanations in NCERT, you can move on to more advance study material for JEE.  


-          Work on developing conceptual clarity- There are 90 questions in JEE, 30 each from Physics, Chemistry and Maths. The purpose of the exam is to test the conceptual understanding and application skills of the student. Hence, visualising concepts through video lectures come to play an important role in cracking JEE. 


-          Get enough practice- In an MCQ based exam like JEE, speed is equal to precision and accuracy. Fall back on study resources like sample papers, past year papers and JEE answer keys with solutions to get adequate practice.


-          Take weekly tests- In JEE exams, there is negative marking. To avoid being penalised, students must take weekly tests to access their performance and learn from their mistakes.


-          Take All India Tests- These are full length JEE mock tests that does not only assess performance but also give students an All India Ranking, to help them understand where they stand when pitted against the competition.


Coaching Classes Vs. Self-study for JEE 2020: Are you still in two minds?

Let us help you decide better. Here are a few irrefutable advantages of doing self-study for JEE:

-          You have to study for long hours, and self-study gives you the advantage of studying form your comfort zone.

-          Self-study is an integral part of JEE preparation. You have to do self-study even if you join coaching.

-          Coaching classes, on the other hand, can be expensive or inaccessible. It is not always feasible for everyone.

-          Self-study saves your travel time. Travelling to and from coaching classes can sap all your time and energy.

-          Self-study gives the you power to take over your learning process. It makes you self-dependent.

-          Doing self-study for JEE makes you accountable for both your success and failure.

So, are you ready to take on this responsibility? If you are, it may relieve you to know that you are not completely on your own. There is a bridge between self-study and coaching classes; it’s called e-learning.

Yes, you heard us right!

By joining an online coaching class for JEE preparation, you can tap into the benefits of guided learning. It is nothing other than the most scientific and systematic approach to self-study for IIT JEE. 

TopperLearning Brings Kota to Your Doorstep

What if we tell you that by joining online JEE coaching with TopperLearning, you can do self-study under the supervision of the finest faculty from Kota?

Seems too far-fetched? But, it’s true! Hear us out.

TopperLearning, from the house of media conglomerate Network 18, is India’s most popular e-learning platform for K-12, JEE and NEET students. Lately, we have combined forces with Motion Education, Kota to facilitate our students with Kota-level JEE preparation resources.

JEE Preparation Online with TopperLearning

TopperLearning has over 2 Million users, and Motion Education, pioneered by Mr. Nitin Vijay has the best preparation resources for IIT JEE. Together, we bring you the best of both worlds.

Our study packages combine the online and offline approach to help our students crack entrance exams like JEE in a single attempt.

Our offerings include:


-          Study Material (30+ Modules)

-          Final Revision Module

Flash Drive

-          Video Solutions


-          Online Motion Test Series

-          TopperLearning Tests

-          Sample Papers

-          Past Year Papers

-          Revision Notes

-          Ask the Experts

-          Mentorship

To know more about our study packs, talk to our academic advisors @ 1800-212-7858.

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