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HC Verma Books: The Holy Grail for IIT Aspirants?


HC Verma Books: The Holy Grail for IIT Aspirants?

Why use HC Verma Books for JEE Preparation?

By Admin 17th Apr, 2019 12:37 pm

Are you planning to appear for JEE 2020? The exams are not as far away as you may think, and every step that you now take will turn out to be crucial; it will decide whether you crack the exam or not.

Cracking JEE Main and Advanced is not just about perseverance and hard work. You also need to think strategically and make the right decisions. The first question you should answer is 'How to choose the right study material for JEE preparation?'

And, when it comes to choosing the right study material for JEE, students often opt for HC Verma books. Some also refer to HC Verma textbooks as the Holy Grail for IIT aspirants. But, is it true? Let’s find out!

Why use HC Verma Books?

HC Verma Physics textbooks are ideal for JEE Main and Advanced preparation. They stand out due to their simple use of language and detailed explanations supported by relevant illustrations. Since JEE predominantly tests the conceptual understanding of students, those referring to HC Verma Physics books will benefit immensely.

Another good thing about HC Verma Physics books is that they come with solutions. The HC Verma Solutions Part 1 covers the Class 11 syllabus. This book is best for chapters like Work and Energy, Rotational Mechanics and Newton’s Laws of Motion. HC Verma Solutions Part 2 covers the Class 12 syllabus. It’s the best book for chapters like Thermodynamics, Magnetic Properties of Matter and Kinetic Theory of Gases.

No doubt Physics books by HC Verma are great for JEE students because they are easy to read and have relatable explanations.

But, is it the be all and end all Physics textbook for JEE preparation?

Why HC Verma Books are not enough?

When it comes to JEE preparation, no textbook is the ultimate authority on a subject. Something as good as the HC Verma Physics textbooks too has disadvantages. HC Verma books do not have enough numerical problems from the JEE point of view. It is good to build your foundation and to gain conceptual clarity, but it does not give JEE students the kind of practice they require to crack the exam.

Also, the book was written for Science students to get a grip on the enigmatic Physics concepts; it wasn’t specifically written for JEE students who need to master concepts through application. So, it does not cater to the specific needs of IIT aspirants.

However, at TopperLearning, we may have something that will help you better. With 2 million+ users, TopperLearning is India’s No 1. online study resource for K-12, JEE and NEET students. Our partnership with Motion Education, Kota, makes it possible for our students to access Kota-quality preparation resources from the comfort of their home. You too can reap the same benefits by subscribing to our IIT JEE preparation packs for 2020.


Training Methodology at TopperLearning

-     Start with the study material: The study material is put together by Kota experts. By reading the study material, you will be able to gain a thorough idea about all the topics in the syllabus.


-     Watch video solutions: Did you know that 7000 different types of questions can come in JEE? Watch a Kota professor solve the most important JEE questions in these videos.


-     Take online weekly tests: These tests are segregated at the subject/chapter/topic level so as to thoroughly assess your performance.


-     Revise and practise adequately: Sample papers and past year papers will give you clear insight into the exam paper pattern, the difficulty level of the exam and the weightage of topics.


-     Clarify your doubts online with Ask the Expert (ATE): You can post your doubts online, and our subject experts will respond with the solutions within 24 hours.


-     Talk to a personal mentor: Sometimes, a mental block, exam phobia or tremendous anxiety stops a student from cracking JEE. During those times, you will have a personal mentor to guide you.

To know more about our JEE study packs, talk to our academic advisor on 1800-212-7858.

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