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Guidelines for JEE (Mains & Advanced) Preparation

Exam Special

Guidelines for JEE (Mains & Advanced) Preparation

By Admin 14th Feb, 2014 05:14 pm
Here are a few guidelines for JEE (Mains & Advanced) preparation: 
1. Go to coaching class even when lectures are not there. Study there in groups.  Discuss good problems, even the toughest ones.  But, before discussing, try them hard.  Meet in every 2?3 days (Atleast twice a week).  Take some assignment and try to finish it before the next meeting. It is absolutely necessary that everyone in group should take these assignments seriously. If you are able to form a good group, the whole group can get good ranks in JEE mains and advance.

2. Complete the entire JEE syllabus once till September ? October of 12th std., and then solve as many test papers as you can for each subject, Maths, Chemistry and Physics.  Also, parallely, revise each topic from various sources available. 

3. Solve each problem sincerely.  Be honest to yourself as well as to your teachers.  But don't spend days on a single problem.  Optimize your efforts.

4.  Make it a habit to utilize your spare time effectively by practicing as many problems as you can solve from various sources. Note down the doubts and difficulties that    you face in a topic and ensure that these are removed in the class.

5. When you do problems from the assignment, make sure that you have completed the corresponding theory from the study material, have committed the formulae to your memory and have understood solved examples from the study material.

6. Make as many attempts as you can to solve a problem by trying different approaches to it. Even if you do not get the answer to a problem, keep trying on your own and only approach your friends or teachers after making a lot of attempts.

7. Assignments contain problems with varying difficulty levels to develop your ability to think methodically. Attempt them with a conscious approach to develop your own problem solving techniques.

8. It is highly recommended that you do not miss any class at your coaching institute. In case you do miss a class, go through the study material of that topic on your own and after thoroughly reviewing your understanding of the topic, clear your doubts with your teacher. In case you miss a class due to school / college exam, you must put at least 1 times of these hours to take care of the missed class.

9. Prepare for your school/college exams well in advance. So that you are able to focus well on JEE preparation and avoid last minute scramble for school/college exams.

10. One good habit which can be followed is counting numbers of hours studied per day as well as per week.  Don't include lecture hours in these.  

11. Give equal time to all the three subjects. Don't give more time to favorite subject.

12. For objectives, speed is one important factor.  So, while doing objectives, always keep track of your speed.

13. It is better to drink as much water as you can, while studying in nights.  It helps in keeping you awake.

14. Always keep yourself motivated and B+(be positive !). 

15. Prepare your own short notes for every subject. These are very helpful for last minute revision.

16. Throughout the paper, irrespective of how it is turning out, you have to maintain positive approach.  Sometimes, there are cases when in first hour you are not able to "do much" but in the second hour, amount of problems solved are good enough to secure a "good rank".

17. Before attempting any question, first visualize the solution in your mind and always think of some other finer points or information you may be missing altogether. 

18. Don't let yourself get distracted by things like T.V., Computer games, Net surfing, Parties etc. These two years (XI and XII) are the most crucial years in your entire academic journey. Make the most of it.


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