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Guide to National Mathematics Olympiad

The Indian National Mathematics Olympiad (INMO) is a high school competition held every year since 1989. It is the second exam in the chain of a selection procedure for the International Mathematics Olympiad. The Homi Bhabha Centre along with the support of the National Board of Higher Mathematics organises INMO. The main purpose of the exam is to discover mathematical talent among high school children.

INMO is held every year on the first Sunday of February in 16 different regions of the country. Students who successfully complete the first level, the regional level exam, are eligible to appear for INMO.

Eligibility Criteria

About 30 students are selected based on their performance in their respective regional exams to appear for INMO. Students of Class 9, 10 and 11 who have qualified for the Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO) are eligible to write INMO. Students from Class 12 are not permitted to take INMO. Also, students who have received an INMO Merit Certificate and whose performance was good but could not qualify are also eligible to appear for INMO the following year without appearing for RMO. Class 8 students who show excellent performance in RMO are also eligible to appear for INMO.

Examination Structure and Syllabus

The INMO paper comprises six problems for which students will get four hours of time to solve. These problems will be from Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory and Combinations.

For students who are looking forward to appear for INMO, the important areas of Mathematics which need your attention are Integers, Geometry, Quadratic Equations and Expressions, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, System of Linear Equations, Permutations and Combinations, Factorisation of Polynomials, Inequalities, Elementary Combinations, Probability Theory, Number Theory, Finite Series, Complex Numbers and Elementary Graph Theory. 


INMO Awardees: Top 30 students in the merit list will be chosen as INMO awardees.

INMO Certificate: Apart from the first 30 students of the merit list, the next 45 students who are in Class 10 or lower will be qualified for ‘INMO Certificate of Merit’ provided their performance should be excellent in INMO and are not qualified as an INMO Awardee.

Application Procedure

There is no direct application procedure for INMO. Students who are willing to participate in INMO will have to qualify in RMO, which is conducted at various regions across the country.

Now all you need to do is make sure you give your best in RMO just to qualify for INMO. All the best!

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