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Google Birthday Doodle Gives Power to the Poople

By now, most Google users are accustomed to seeing Google celebrate the birthdays of famous artists, scientists, and holidays or events. Today, Google is celebrating its own birthday, as the search engine officially turns 14 years old.

While we wish Google a happy birthday, well, we couldn’t help noticing that this year’s birthday Doodle is quite different than previous entries (see our post on Google’s 13th birthday, which compiled all of the special logos from 2002-2011).

Yes, indeed it’s animated, which is a first for a birthday logo. But the issue comes at the end of the animation.

As you arrive on Google’s homepage, you see a rectangular chocolate cake bearing Google’s name, along with 14 candles. Slowly, the chocolate cake is “eaten” away and the candles are compiled at the bottom of the screen, and what’s left is a tray spelling out Google’s letters in the usual combo of colors: blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red.

Except, there are a few pieces of the chocolate cake remaining on the tray and what results is an unintentional Rorschach test. Because those pieces of chocolate cake happen to spell out, more visibly, what appears to be “Poople”.

George Harrison once said, "All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much." Seems Google should've followed this advice today.

We kid Google, with love.

After all, as Erik Johnson pointed out with his newly launched parody website, Replacement Google, things could be much worse.


Just imagine if, like the NFL had to bring in replacement referees, Google had to bring in replacement algorithms. Well, you’d get a blown search result every time!

Happy 14th birthday, Google!

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