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Go fruit-o-clock this summer


Go fruit-o-clock this summer

By Admin 08th May, 2014 04:10 pm

A clock never stops nor waits for anyone unless you gobble it. In school, I spent a lot of time staring at the clock wishing the hands would simply move and often wondered if its battery had stopped working! Having a rechargeable clock is not only cool but is also unique and dependable, which is why I decided to build a fruit clock.


To build a fruit clock you need:


Crocodile clips (for the electrode)

Citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons (they act as the electrolyte)–2 nos.

LCD clock


Copper wires with no coating


Steps to build the fruit clock:


Place lemons on a flat surface and insert a nail in each lemon but ensure that the nails do not protrude outside the fruit. Simultaneously, insert copper wires into each lemon. This will ensure that the circuit is a closed circuit and current will flow through the circuit without interruption.


Remove batteries from your clock and connect crocodile clips to the positive and negative terminals of the clock such that the crocodile clips are in contact with the wires that protrude from the terminals (an adult can be asked to guide you with removing wires from the terminals). Connect the other ends of crocodile clips to the copper wires which are inserted in the lemons.


To complete the circuit, connect the two lemons by looping a copper wire between the two nails.


If the clock does not work, it is likely that the connections are loose and it is recommended you secure the connections tightly. If the clock stops working a few months from now, replace the lemons used in the fruit clock.

Now that your fruit clock is ready and ticking, go out and have some fun!



Shrutika Kalbag

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