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Excel in Exams with Sample Papers

All students get exam jitters. The torment starts from the time when the examination dates are announced and induce nightmares until they end. Sample papers are an excellent way of preparing students for looming exams, especially those preparing for board exam, should particularly take advantage of them.

While some students know exactly how they are going to prepare for the exams, the rest are clueless. Students want to be well-prepared, ace those subjects and opt for various methods of preparation. Practice makes perfect and sample papers will definitely help students do that.

Since sample papers are prepared by a group of experts and teachers, they are comprehensive and have credibility attached to them. These papers give students an idea of the type of questions that could be asked and help in familiarising them with the pattern of the question paper. Students can then prepare in a methodical manner since they already have a sense of the type of questions that could be included. This also helps in time management, planning the type of questions that should be attempted first and identify high scoring questions.

There are two ways to tackle and solve sample papers. The first is using a timer and setting up an environment similar to that of an examination hall, where the exam would have to be completed within the stipulated time. Students could also alternatively give themselves the leeway of solving the paper at their own pace but this should be done as seldom as possible. Sample papers are a good run up to the main examination and students are encouraged to take advantage of these resources available at their disposal.

Advantages of Sample Papers

 - Understanding the pattern of the question paper

- Evaluate preparedness for exam

- Identify high scoring questions and questions that should be attempted first

- Boost confidence

- Understand marking scheme

- Give an idea of the type of questions to expect

- Time management

- Evaluate strengths and weaknesses

Solving sample papers can boost the confidence of students as they go prepared on exam day. They also give students an edge and the ability to excel.


- Topper Team

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