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Exam Jitters: Watch this Free Webinar to Tackle it Once and for all

You woke up fresh this morning, feeling happy. You check the clock. It has stopped working! It’s still showing 10 o’clock from last night. You open the shutters, the sun is brighter than you’d expect. Actually, it’s blazing hot. Wait! Could it be that you are late? But you did not hear the alarm go off! Then again, you were in deep sleep.

The school gates will close in exactly half an hour. Of all days today your bag isn’t packed. You quickly browse through your timetable only to remember that you have an exam today! But, Maths is your forte. You can handle this! Hold on! It says English on the timetable, and you don’t even know what the syllabus is. You now start panicking!

Mom will kill you with her words. Dad may ask you to leave the house. Your friends will make fun of you. Your juniors will pick on you. That voice inside your head will tell you that you are good for nothing. You are a loser, and you’ve let everybody down! Don’t even try now, you can never make it on time. Even if you did, what will you write in the exam?

Can you feel your heart pounding? Your head throbbing inside your skull? Can you feel the surge of emotions coming on strong? Well, that is stress! Did you feel the lurch inside? This time, you wake up and it’s for real!

Were you having a nightmare? Possibly!

That’s not uncommon during exam time, is it? Many will tell you that it’s fine, but then most of us don’t see exam jitters as a condition that needs to be dealt with. It’s kind of hard to gulp down, but the fight or flight reaction induced by stress can be life-saving in difficult situations.

Everyone experiences stress at some point in time, but the reaction of each individual varies remarkably. That should explain why your best friend acts like exams are no big a deal, whereas you shudder at the mention of it!

Did you know that stress can affect your physical wellbeing as well as your emotional health? Ever wondered why you always get either acidity, headaches, muscle tension, stomach problems or even skin irritations just before the exams? They are neither coincidences nor bad lack; they are the adverse effects of exam jitters.

So, what can you do to combat exam-related stress?

This webinar helps you to identify the factors that lead to stress and anxiety. It shows you how to press ‘pause’ and take a step back. Once you listen to your thoughts carefully, you can trace patterns out of it. Look at the way you speak to yourself. Is it demeaning? Are you letting someone else demotivate you? Then you know it’s time to stop. With the tips and tricks in this webinar, you can gain control over your mind.

The webinar urges parents to reflect on certain prevalent attitudes that might be causing their kids stress. The marksheet is a parameter to gauge student aptitude and not parenting capability. So why stress out and project it on the kids? Instead both parents and kids can come together and work as a team to fight exam jitters as discussed in the webinar. Once you win the battle against your mind, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

As William James said, “Man can alter his life by altering his thinking.” So when working as a team, both parents and students can positively transform their mindsets, putting an end to self-imposed torture. So, let’s say no to exam jitters, yes to good scores, and an even bigger yes to a peaceful, happy frame of mind. All the best for your exams!


Watch this free webinar to know how to deal with exam jitters. It explains how, depending on the situation, stress can also be positive. 





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