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Education in India: Future Trends

The education system in India is a thriving sector. Delivering the required quality of education is one of the major challenges due to the sheer size of the population. However, several technology-led education solutions are enabling transformation in the education sector.


Problems in the current education system:


1. Be it for the CBSE exams, ICSE exams, state board exams or competitive exams, students have to follow the prescribed textbooks for exam preparations. Students are pushed to memorise answers to score more marks. Instead of encouraging original ideas based on concepts in the syllabus, children mug up answers without clearly understanding the concepts.

2. Due to inefficiencies in the education system, the quality of manpower joining the workforce isn’t good enough.

3. Bright students seek opportunities abroad or move abroad for higher studies as they do not get enough opportunities to further their skills in India.

4. The national literacy rate is 74.04 percent in India. Due to poverty, children do not get to attend schools even if they have access to free education.

5. Getting quality education in India can be challenging as there are limited seats for lakhs of students who wish to study in top institutes.


Changes to strengthen the education system in India:


1. Additional support and learning materials should be available for students to understand the concepts in textbooks. For example, students should know why a concept such as photosynthesis is important.

2. Creative ideas and innovative thoughts presented by students should be rewarded.

3. Technology should be used to empower teachers with smart education management systems.

4. Skill-based training will improve the quality of the trained workforce in India.

5. To keep up with the times, the syllabus in educational institutions should be updated as required.

6. The focus of education should not be on marks but on developing the capabilities of students to excel in their desired career path. 


Importance of technology in the future education system:


1. Through smart classrooms, teachers will be able to utilise technology to explain concepts better.

2. Integration of technology with academics can enhance the learning experience of students with engaging content using animation and videos.

3. Students will be able to collaborate with other students in school through apps.

4. Teachers can give lectures and solve doubts through online portals.

5. Recorded lectures available on online education portals and apps can be used by students to revise concepts.


Future trends of education in India: 

Adopting new education techniques such as e-learning and m-learning will lead to a growth of distance education in India. As per IBEF, the Indian education system will become strong enough to make India one of the top five countries for research output by 2030.

Another study says that 65 percent of children in the future will take up job profiles that haven’t been invented yet. Government initiatives and education-based service providers are on their toes to prepare children for the career opportunities of the future.

There is a rise in the number of educational institutions shifting from traditional classrooms to smart classrooms to deliver quality education as future-ready schools/institutes. In an effort to reach more students, virtual classrooms and MOOCs have been introduced by several educational institutions.

Technology-based solutions such as AI-driven personalised guidance, interactive environments with augmented reality etc. are being explored by edtech service providers to present concepts in an engaging format.

Educational tablets such as EDUTAB by TopperLearning are being used by students to prepare for competitive exams such as NEET and JEE. Learning apps and educational portals with video lessons by experts are making learning resources accessible to more children across the country.

The education system in India continues to evolve and improve with time. There are several reputed institutes in India such as the IITs, the IIMs, the NITs and others. Students have to start their exam preparations early for securing a seat in the most prestigious institutes.While the government is working on increasing the number of seats in these reputed colleges, education portals such as TopperLearning can be valuable to clear concepts and prepare for the entrance exams.

By foreseeing the future trends in education, TopperLearning has already come up with a blend of learning materials and other resources for students to study from anywhere and at any time.TopperLearning’s learning management system for schools and other educational institutions allows teachers, parents and students to utilise an online platform for education management.

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