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Delhi Government announces universal education plan for 2016

The Delhi Government has charted out a plan for education for 2016–2017 which benefits principals, teachers and students. It includes an online individualised learning platform for teachers and summer camps for Class 6 students.

Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi (with the Education portfolio) Manish Sisodia, senior officials of the Directorate of Education and non-government organisations (NGOs) will manage the bulk of the programmes. The plan was announced in front of more than 1,000 principals and 200 mentor teachers. NGOs like Pratham, Creatnet Education and Saajha will be key role players.

The teacher training programme has also been revised. Training programmes will now focus on foundation skills for students of Class 1−9 and subject knowledge of teachers who teach students of Class 9−12. Mentor teachers will be available to assist teachers. An online forum is being set up for teachers of senior classes.

Over 800 principals will be trained in small groups within the country or abroad. Talks regarding the involvement of families of students to better the learning process of students are also on.

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