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Competition is Not Everything

Competition plays a prominent role in every student’s life as motivation to achieve excellence. Especially academic competition challenges students to work hard towards their studies so that they can excel in their exams. However, very few children have the strength to cope with the severity of competition in life. Every child’s mind is different, so the strength to handle the pressure of competition is also different.

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Effect on self-esteem

Competition is not always a healthy way to develop a constructive mind in kids. Many students do not have the ability to face failure in public. In fact, due to failure, children start losing their confidence and start doubting their ability in every opportunity. In this competitive society, it is easy to assume that students will excel, but we cannot let go of the fact that it harms them emotionally. The main cause of competition largely is humiliation, doubt of self-worth or popularity. We usually do not like our friend winning and us clapping hands for their success. In this rat race, we are trapped to succeed in everything but never put your self-confidence at stake. What is more valuable is that you learn from your mistakes and try again? Believing in oneself is the only way to success, the rest is temporary. 

Life on stake

Some students have a habit of putting everything on hold just to succeed in this competitive world. This is good to some extent, but do not let it affect your health. Do not let competition hold so much power that you start giving up on your hobbies, sports and games, and limit yourself from socialising. Parents could encourage their kids positively about such consequences and make them understand that competition should be treated as a challenge and an opportunity to become strong.

Meeting needs

Children have dreams, and in order to fulfil them, they have to go through a number of stages. At times, parents too burden their kids with their dreams and achievements. Parents want their children to be on top and excel in everything. No parent likes to see their child failing because they too are aware of the pain and hardship kids go through during competition. Instead of sympathising, make them aware of their capabilities. Show them their personal growth, encourage them to do their best and not to always play competitively.

Although competition is part of every student’s life, playing healthy is more important than playing dirty. Do not let competition get to your nerves and make your life miserable. Face the challenge. Do your best, and the rest will fall into place.

Tejal Mistry

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