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Classrooms Without Teachers


Classrooms Without Teachers

Imagine a teacher-less class.

By Admin 03rd Sep, 2014 12:30 pm

The best thing for you as a school-going student is to walk into your class, take your seat, wait for your teacher to come, minutes fly by, you become curious and impatient; finally, you get the much-awaited news that your teacher won’t make it. You’ve got a free period which you often desire, much to your elation – the much-needed break!

Joys abound especially when you have a pending assignment to submit or when it’s the last hour of a long-drawn day. What if classrooms without teachers become a reality? With the era of rapid robotisation and automation, teachers may be replaced with absolutely no teachers.


Maybe all you need is a screen to teach a class of hundreds. The advent of the internet has overcome the need of time and space and made the idea of a virtual classroom a reality.


Techniques such as monitoring the progress of the student – from the time taken to solve problems to drawing up analytics on performance per subject to identify your natural talents – are performed by computer-based applications and are being used in schools abroad.


These programmes are so strong that they can draw up patterns and easily identify if you’ve copied in your assessments. So, it gives students complete freedom to write tests without any teacher supervision. Yet, the sanctity of a fair system is retained.


Experiments to develop humanoid robots with their subsequent mass production are on the rise in several labs of the world. Their applications in security, monotonous labour situations and automatic ticket vending machines are on the surge. Robots with artificial intelligence, adaptabilities and sensing capabilities which can repeat any task innumerable times without getting tired may well take the role of future teachers.


All these sound really exciting and fair when learning in the classroom is often substituted by fear and paranoia – students are often petrified by the punishments for not meeting up to their teachers’ expectations. Harsh punishments have always been there, but so have good teachers. We all have been a recipient at some point of our lives, and when we look back at it, we tend to remember our school days.


Yes, the same school which etched an indelible mark in our consciousness – our friends, teachers and classrooms. We tend to miss teachers who were strict, who were kind, who despite their imperfections had a role to play in our lives.


Another memory which fails to slip through the memories is the excitement and fear attached to playing pranks on a teacher in the classroom – being part of the whole scheme or just a mere spectator to the events which follow.


Even as a child when we were pushed into school from our protective environment, it was those teachers who taught us how to face the real world – giving us a first glimpse of it. There were also occasions when they used to open their arms to us when we missed our parents. Be it anything from having a crush on a teacher to hanging out with them after school hours – it’s difficult to imagine schools or classrooms without them!


Rekindling the argument of the times we are living in – should men be replaced by technology, wherever necessary to create unbiased and more accurate results? It’s true, one has to embrace the changes time brings, but a proper mix has to be there.


What will happen if we’ve to live in a time where we won’t have any teachers to look up to – only robots or maybe no one?


Yes, technology and scientific advancements make our lives easier, but the scarier part is that these advancements may replace you as robots or even replicate you as clones!


-Sayan Ganguly

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