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Class 10 Online Preparation for Board Exams


Class 10 Online Preparation for Board Exams

Tips for preparing online for class 10 board exams

By Admin 27th Jul, 2018 02:14 pm

You shiver when you hear that the board examinations are coming, and you resiliently activate your brain in the hope that this fear will make your worry a bit less. While the fact is that it has never been so!

An ancient Indian saying, “Padhega tabhi toh badega” makes you even more nervous. Now this is the only time where you realise that everything that you were doing must be completed with speed resulting in tremendous pressure. The result of this worry is noticeable with a few effects:


  • Your overtime with books substantially increases.
  • Lesser exercise, lesser sleep and lesser play in the neighbourhood are bound to happen.
  • Complaints of the ‘study-clock’ becoming fast increase.
  • Nail biting issues and scratching of the head go significantly higher.
  • Prayers and referring to every solution have almost reached the highest level.
  • Confusion, more confusion and over-confusion & the list goes on. 


But you need to relax! Just relax and feel better about yourself that you are living in the twenty-first century, where there are 100s of alternative solutions available. Ranging from m-learning to online learning, these have appealed to the masses, especially of the young generation.

Now speaking about the board exams. Class 10 is one of the crucial examinations in our country and scoring the highest is the only option which will help you to motivate yourself.


Read on further:

  • If you love your freedom and convenience and think you can gain more success in Class 10
  • Which subjects you need to study first?


Talking about convenience and freedom, online learning has superseded students’ expectations, and various learners who are answering their board exams for the first time are apprehensive about the difference in the quality of learning as compared to other modes. Online learning has few problems, but the benefits are almost unmatched as compared to traditional learning. Traditional learning is more costly, as it includes classroom charges, busy schedules and the list goes on, while on the other hand, the ecosystem of online education which provides more focus and direction is spreading like wildfire!


We highlight the four major advantages of online learning which will give you success in Class 10:


1) Convenience: Days of procrastination are nearly coming to an end, as students nowadays learn more than piling up in the front of books for hours. Don’t be amazed when your child plays and spends hours on the computer, but still gets the best marks in their preliminary test of their board examination. It means that they are studying online or browsing through some valuable notes on the Internet.

Learning has never been convenient in the traditional style, as you need to focus on a particular chapter at a particular time which might limit your understanding. Through online learning, students can juggle study anywhere, anytime!


2) Cost-effective: Apart from convenience, students can get the best value for money and they can save the hefty classroom charges or travelling charges which may go towards paying their competitive exam registration fees. More importantly, they also save money from their stationery items as they don’t need to go searching for photocopying centres every time. They can refer to online notes for learning and can find all the important questions in an updated question bank.


3) Access to quality study material: One of the most exceptional factors of online learning is the quality of study material. Subject experts spend hours in research and make concepts more comprehensive and easy to study. Self-study, access to quality materials and time management are the only three important factors you require in order to achieve success in your school life.


4) Self-awareness: Learning online is like a self-directed initiative. It motivates your inner self as you don’t have any time limit or limited time accessibility. You can refer to notes anytime and anywhere; it’s your innermost being which will help you to score more marks in the examination.  


If you are answering your board exam, then you need to focus on two important subjects which will help you to get a perfect 100 in the board exams—Mathematics and Science.


1) Mathematics: This is one of the scoring subjects in Class 10. It is about geometry and trigonometry besides numbers. Class 10 Mathematics is even helpful in cracking the competitive exams such as JEE & NEET and will assist you in your endeavour of a high score.

Practice is what is required in Class 10. So solving previous years' question papers can make a real difference. These help to analyse what is asked in the examination and ignore what is not important. Remember all the concepts and formulae with revision sheets near your study table. Highlight the problems which are difficult for you to solve and try to improve on your weak areas.

If you want the highest grades in your board exams, then study the things that are important (like the most important questions from the crucial chapters) and not the things that are not (like cricket scores and player/actor rankings on the celebrity index). You also need to look at the weightage of marks to perform well in the Maths paper.


2) Science: Science is one of the most challenging subjects in Class 10 and is divided into three sub-subjects—Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The things you need to focus on in each follow:

  • Physics: To score better, you first need to lean all the fundamentals. In Class 10 Physics, majority of the questions in the question paper come in the form of direct formulae and theorem-based questions. So you need to learn all the fundamentals. If you need, and you should, please go through past years’ question papers.


  • Chemistry: This is one of the high-scoring subjects which requires less time to prepare and minimum effort. You can easily start preparing from Day 1 and score higher marks in the examination.


  • Biology: It is a combination of diagrams and theory. You need to ensure that you understand and remember all the terms if you want more marks in the examination. Meticulous learning is the key to success.


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