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Celebrate this Friendship Day with Your Parents

 Friendship Day is a great way to commemorate the special bond that you feel with your peers. However, friendship has many connotations. Friendship is a mutual understanding and respect you can feel not only for your school or college mates but also for your teacher, grandfather, siblings, pets or even your parents.


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Our parents are not only our guardians but they act as our friends too. To some, the relationship with their parents is a formal one only limited to their careers and finances. But as you grow older, having your parents by your side as a friend is more desirable given the growing complexities of adulthood.


For the ones who share a friendly relation with their parents, why not do something special for them on this day? For the rest, won’t it be an apt moment to break the ice?




Spend Time With Your Parents- Good thing is this Friendship Day falls on a Sunday. Due to their busy schedule along with ours, we don’t end up spending much time with our parents. Why don’t you plan something like making bed-tea for them or making breakfast for them followed by a candid chat?


Organise a Friendship Day Party- Well, you can plan this in advance with your best friends. You guys can organize a party together for your parents and surprise them.


Friendship Band- It is a clichéd idea and has passed on through years. It’s a simple yet an important token of recognition that one can’t do without. Tying a friendship band round your parent’s wrist doesn’t require much effort but how many of us have actually thought about it?


Friendship Day Card- Well, you can gift them a card. If you are a bit creative, then you can add your messages or poetry on your parents being one of the most wonderful friends you have been endowed with. If you want to give your creativity a boost, then you can actually make a card for them. In any case, if you can’t come up with something attractive, then the best part is still they will appreciate your efforts and accept it gladly as they are your parents.


Dropping a Friendship Day Message - A sweet and simple message on a sticky note can also create wonders if you can place it perfectly. Make sure that that is the first thing your parents see when they get up.


A Friendship Day Cake- If your parents are a little generous when it comes to your monthly budget, then you can afford a nice cake with a friendship message on it for them. Not only will they be happy but you can also expect a raise in your pocket money!


-Sayan Ganguly

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