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CBSE to Ban Late Entry to Exam Halls during Board Exams.

Someone had once said that if you are 15 minutes early, then you are on time. But, if you are on time, you are late. And, boy! If you are late, you better not arrive at all. Why? Because CBSE has issued a new rule about late comers. 

The Notification – CBSE to ban late entry to exam halls during board exams.  

So, at what time will the exam start? And, by when should you arrive?

The official entry time to exam center continues to be 9:30am. The distribution of question paper will begin at 10:15am, and the exam will commence from 10: 30am (the 15 minutes in between is allotted as reading time).

Earlier on, students were allowed to walk in till 11:00 am in some exam centres and till 11:15am at times, upon the discretion of centre heads. This is strictly prohibited from now on. Students need to be seated by 10:15 am. Beyond that, no students will be allowed to enter the exam hall, as per the current notification circulated by the Board.

So, why this notification all of a sudden? Is CBSE trying to admonish students for a dearth in sense of punctuality?

As per the sources, this measure has been adopted by CBSE to control leakage of papers. Competitive exams like JEE and NEET strictly adhere to the same rule which CBSE has not put in place.  This is expected to tone down the number of question paper leakages. To put further safety measures in place, CBSE is also planning to introduce double encrypted question papers.

To be on the safe side, keep the Google maps at hand, check the location of the center and the traffic scene before hand and keep enough buffer time at hand when you leave home, you know, just in case! So, there you go!

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