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CBSE plans two term-end exams for Classes 10 and 12 for the 2021-2022 session


CBSE plans two term-end exams for Classes 10 and 12 for the 2021-2022 session

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has come out with a plan for Class 10 and 12 Board exams for the academic year 2021-2022 with two terms exams.

By Topperlearning Expert 07th Jul, 2021 01:49 pm

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has come out with a plan for Class 10 and Class 12 Board exams for the academic year 2021-2022. Instead of one Board exam at the end of the year, the academic session has been bifurcated into two terms, with the Board conducting exams at the end of each term. CBSE has divided the 2021-22 academic year into two terms with 50% of the syllabus to be covered in each term, with board exams to be held at the end of each term.

What will be the syllabus?

The syllabus for the year will be rationalised on the lines of what was done in the last academic year when the syllabus was reduced by 30%. The rationalised syllabus will be split in half across the two terms. There will be no overlapping of the syllabus for the term exams. This means second term exam papers will not include anything from the first term syllabus and vice versa. Schools will also use alternative academic calendars and inputs from the NCERT on transacting the curriculum.

When and how will the exams be conducted?

Term 1 Exam

  • The first term exam will be held on a flexible schedule between November-December 2021 with a flexible schedule, with a window period of 4-8 weeks for schools situated in different parts of the country. 
  • It will be a 90 minute paper with multiple choice questions only including case-based MCQs and MCQs on the assertion-reasoning type, likely to be conducted in schools with the supervision of external superintendents.
  • The responses that will be recorded on OMR sheets will be scanned and uploaded at the CBSE portal or alternatively evaluated and marks uploaded by the schools on the very same day.

Term 2 Exam

  • The second term exam will be held in March-April 2022 in examination centres and is likely to be a 2-hour exam with various question formats including case-based, situation-based, open ended-short answer, long answer type
  • In case the pandemic situation is not conducive for such a long, descriptive exam to be held, the second term exam will also be conducted with a multiple-choice question format.
  • The CBSE will issue guidelines to make internal assessments, practicals and project work more credible and valid to ensure fair distribution of marks. 
  • Schools must create a student profile for all assessments undertaken over the year and retain the evidence in digital format, with marks uploaded onto CBSE’s IT platform. 

 Syllabus Update-

To ease down the task of students, updated syllabus is mentioned below-

Class 12





Biology/ Mathematics

Class 10





Social Science

For syllabus of all the subjects of CBSE, you can visit

What will be the exam scenarios in view of the COVID pandemic?

While the results of both the term-end exams will contribute to the final overall score, the Board has created a basket of four options depending on the COVID situation. Below are the four scenarios:

  1. If both the term-end exams can be held at the centres, theory marks will be distributed evenly between both exams.
  2. If schools have to be closed at the time of Term I exams and students have to write the exams online or offline from their homes, but Term II exams can be held at the centres, the weightage of [Term I] exam for the final score would be reduced, and weightage of Term II exams will be increased for declaration of the final result.
  3. If it is the other way around — Term I exams are held in school, but Term II exams cannot be held at the centre and students take it online or offline, the results would be based on the performance of students on Term I MCQ-based examination and internal assessments. The weightage of marks of the Term I examination will be increased to provide year-end results.
  4. If neither of the exams can be held at schools or centres, the results will be computed on the basis of internal assessments and practicals, and theory marks of Term I and II exams taken by the students from home subject to the moderation or other measures to ensure validity and reliability of the assessment.

In all the above cases, data analysis of marks of students will be undertaken to ensure the integrity of internal assessments and home-based exams.

How will internal school assessment take place for Classes 9 – 12?

  • Internal assessment (throughout the year irrespective of Term 1 and 2) would include three periodic tests, students enrichment portfolio and practical work/ speaking listening activities project.
  • Referring to Class 11 and Class 12, the internal assessment (throughout the year irrespective of Term 1 and 2) would include end of the topic or unit tests exploratory activities/ practicals/ projects.
  • Schools must create a student profile for all assessments undertaken over the year and retain the evidence in digital format, with marks uploaded onto CBSE’s IT platform. CBSE will facilitate schools to upload marks of internal assessment on the CBSE IT platform. 
  • Guidelines for internal assessment for all subjects is also released along with the rationalised term-wise divided syllabus for the session 2021-22. 
  • The board would also provide additional resources like sample assessments question banks, teacher training etc. for more reliable and valid internal assessments.

The experience of the past year necessitated deliberations over alternative ways to look at the learning objectives as well as the conduct of the Board Examinations for the academic session 2021-22 in case the situation remains unfeasible.

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