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CBSE Class 12 Physics - Tips and topics to ace the exam


CBSE Class 12 Physics - Tips and topics to ace the exam

Presenting tips and topics for gaining a high score in the CBSE Class 12 Physics exam.

By Admin 04th Mar, 2016 07:09 pm

It is finally time when the Physics exam paper is just around the corner. Many students get overwhelmed with this complex subject. Take a deep breath and calm your minds because Topper Learning is here to assist you all the way and make this exam as easy as possible. 

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Exam Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Physics

Students who are weak in Math should initially start with Modern Physics. Electronic Devices is one of the most important unit and it carries 7 marks. Atoms and Nuclei constitute 6 marks. Dual Nature of Radiation carries 4 marks. Communication system constitutes 5 marks. After getting thorough with these chapters, it will be easy to score better.

Optics carries 14 marks in boards which is an easy and a scoring unit. In ray optics practice all the ray diagrams repeatedly. 

In wave optics focus on problems based on Interference, Diffraction and Young’s double slit experiment.

Next, you can study Current and Electricity which is comparatively easy chapter to score and carries 7 marks.

The units- Electrostatics and Magnetism are lengthy but important from the perspective of competitive exams. 

Also, Electromagnetic induction and Alternating current are chapters where you need to give more attention but are very important for competitive exams.

Tips to Prepare Before the Exam

Physics requires conceptual understanding and logical solving abilities to score well.

Memorize all definitions, formulae and understand the basic underlying concepts of each. If you are well versed with the concepts then it will be easy to solve numerical and application based problems.

Make a chapter-wise list or flash cards of all the important SI units, formulae and constants. Do not forget to use units where required. Be cautious to convert all the units in a given numerical in the same system (MKS or CGS).

While drawing circuit diagrams make sure that the direction of current and polarity of cells are shown correctly. 

In case of ray diagrams do not forget to give the direction of the rays and the label correctly.

Here are the Important Topics for CBSE Class 12 Physics

(Unit wise marks distribution may vary)

Chapter – 1: Electric Charges and Fields

UNIT I: Electrostatics (8 marks)

Chapter – 2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

UNIT II: Current Electricity (07 marks)

Chapter – 3: Current Electricity 

Unit-III: Magnetism (08 marks)

Chapter – 4: Moving Charges and Magnetism

Chapter – 5: Magnetism and Matter 

Chapter – 6: Electromagnetic Induction

Unit IV: Electromagnetic Induction and alternating (8 marks)

Chapter – 7: Alternating Current

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