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CBSE Class 10 Social Studies Term 2 2022 Exam Analysis- 14th May


CBSE Class 10 Social Studies Term 2 2022 Exam Analysis- 14th May

Students found the paper of average difficulty level. Read here for a detailed post paper analysis for CBSE Class 10.

By Topperlearning Expert 16th May, 2022 03:50 pm

Today CBSE Class 10 Social Science Term 2 examination was held successfully all around the country. The Term 2 paper was of 40 marks, just like the Term 1 paper, and students got 2 hours to complete it. The Class 10 Social Science Term 2 examination includes four units with a varying number of chapters.





India and the Contemporary World -1



Contemporary India – I



Democratic Politics – I





Question Paper Structure

The Class 10 Social Science Term 2 question paper was entirely based on theoretical topics and maps. Moreover, all the questions were from NCERT. Therefore, students who focused on NCERT studies could answer all the questions.

The question paper was divided into five sections. The first three sections of the question paper - A, B and C comprised topic-based questions. Meanwhile, section D was case-based, and Section E comprised map-based questions. In total, there were 13 questions, and all questions were compulsory.




Type Of Question


5 Questions (Question no. 1 to 5)

2 marks each

Very short answer type questions


3 Questions

(Question no. 6 to 8)

3 marks each

Short answer type questions


2 Questions

(Question no. 9 and 10)

5 marks each

Long answer type questions


2 Questions

(Question no. 11 and 12)

4 marks each

Case-study based questions


1 Question

(Question no. 13)

3 marks

Map-based question

● In section B, question no. 6, students had a choice between two questions.

● In section C, students got options of questions from ‘Outcomes of Democracy’ and ‘Globalisation and the Indian Economy’.

● In the fourth section of the paper, section D, students had to answer case-based questions on ‘Nationalism in India and Tourism’. In each case-based question, students had to answer two 1-mark questions and a 2 marks question.

● Lastly, in the map-based section of the question paper, students had to attempt the first question compulsorily. The second question was divided into two parts. Only the first part of the question offered a choice between two locations.

Student Feedback on Question Paper 

According to students, the Class 10 Social Science Term 2 question paper was fairly straightforward. They rated it moderate to easy. Most of the questions were from NCERT textbooks, and there were no tricky questions. The map-based questions were easy as well. The paper was lengthy, but students found it easy, particularly section A questions. The question paper was well-balanced, and most of the sections had similar topic questions.



Overall, the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Term 2 was well-received by the students. Well-prepared students who studied according to the NCERT guidelines are expected to score 28-42 on an average. The answer key for the Social Science Term 2 question paper is expected to be released soon. Students can check the answer key to calculate how much they can score. With the Class 10 Social Science Term 2 exam being concluded, students are now focusing on the upcoming papers.

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